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Welcome to our Beauty Blog – we are excited to be able to share lots of interesting and informative information and ideas with you in the future.

Beauty for You is a cosmetics company owned and operated by wife and husband Fran and Neville Muntz from Christchurch, New Zealand. Along with our daughter Bonita – who is “The face of Beauty”


Fran, Neville, our puppies Bella and Cindy, and Bonita.

Beauty for You – “Looking good has never been so easy” and we love what we do, our focus is Colour that stimulates, conceptually interesting, visually stunning that you will be excited by the wonderful world of colour. Training you, our audience is the number one goal for us, to excite, educate and have you experience our wonderful range of products.

We are your leading Skin Care, Colour Beauty and Cosmetic company for women around the world that want high quality products, with superior ingredients, Natural solutions for effective Skin Care and Colour Coordinated Cosmetics.

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  At Beauty for You we create gentle, natural products that ate kind to you and the planet.  They are a beautiful combination of nature and science.

  We blend the wisdom of Nature with modern day science to create skincare that is dedicated to achieving the results you deserve.

   Natural by Dezine has three stunning ranges of Skin Care – Essentials, Beauty Bee – Bee Venom and Botanicals

   100% Natural,  100% New Zealand Made, Not tested on animals.





  Having been committed to a lifelong and very passionate belief that Colour influences so much in our daily lives –

  We have developed an innovative, exclusive FREE  “on line” Personal Colour Analysis System

  Discover your Colours  So women all round the world who are unable to access one of our Personal consultants can have

the benefit of our  amazing colour system     Click here to Discover your Colours





  Another passion I have had for many years is to create a range of high quality Colour Cosmetics, with superior ingredients – which are all       Colour coordinated to your Personal Season.  We searched the world to find manufacturers who could create a range of stunning cosmetics, which do not contain any nasty ingredients.

  No more wasting money on selecting the wrong shades – I have done all the work for you, just click on your season and you are good to go!





Beautiful girl showing purple manicure and stylish jewelryBeads jewelry - Stock Image macro.

You can add Colour to your life with Makeup and Accessories –

From Jewellery, a colourful scalf,  handbags and colourful shoes to brighten up your day – and other people will enjoy seeing this pop of colour.

We are all effected by colour: Physically, Mentally and Emotionally

             Physical: Your feet are warmer in red socks and cooler in blue

                         Mental: Red Cross – fast medical aid

White Nurses,– caring and nurturing, kind, gentle

Emotional: I see red (anger) I have the blues (depression), he is just being a yellow-belly (coward)

Have a look round – when you are among people – where do your eyes gravitate to?? – the people who are wearing Colour! Colour draws people to you – so if you are shy – wear the strongest colours from your Personal Palette – even if you just start with an accessory – like a scarf!



The Psychology of Colour – the messages that colours sends Fashionable red woman bag and shoes isolated on white background

RED: High impact colour – (must be your own personal red) – stimulates the appetite – Sophisticated, Authority, Power, Energy (great to lift your spirits)

ORANGE: Yellow red, warmth, stimulating, friendly, draws attention quickly

PURPLE: Mystery, formality, quietness, Artistic people are drawn to   purple

PURPLE BLUE: Tranquility, spiritual, reflective, dignified

BLUE: Peace, loyalty, restraint, gentleness, serenity (good communication colour)

BLUE/GREEN: Fresh colour of nature, relaxed and friendly, colour of balance and healing

GREEN: Natures colour, people usually feel safe around green – plants

YELLOW GREEN: Intense, cheerful, energetic, sporty, youthful and spontaneous

YELLOW: Eye catching but must be your personal yellow! (depending on hue, value and chroma for your own skin colouring or you will look unwell). Stimulating, intellectual, happiness. When selling a house add yellow touches! (be it flowers, fruit, cushions etc)

GREY: Conservative, dignified – classic corporate colour – can be boring – add colour to accessorise

NAVY: Conservative, authoritative, business like, most acceptable, great to use as a basic and add accessory colours.

BROWN: Earthy, natural, warm (can be boring – so need to accessorise with other colours)

BLACK: Authoritative, mysterious, sophisticated. Only the Winter Seasons can wear black effectively – and can also wear contrasts like Black and White – but, be sure not to wear black too often as you look great in COLOUR!

Unfortunately, black is seen as a “Safe Colour” but actually, it is a colour that keeps people at a distance – we don’t readily approach people dressed in black – so be sure to add colour with your black♥

WHITE: Trustworthy, goodness and purity

Have fun with colour – it can lift your spirits, and for those around you – if you love a particular colour but can’t wear it – add to your home – a “pop” of colour with a painting, cushions or throw will brighten a room and give you a happy feeling!



 Welcome to our wonderful world of Colour!

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