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The No Makeup Make Up Class
Fran Muntz

The No Makeup Make Up Class

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A Lesson On Fresh Face No MakeupLook When starting with your makeup application it is always good to have a check on your Hygiene tools – Spatulas, Sponges, Spoolies, Cotton Squares and Cotton Buds – so you are set to go! Skin Care is a Top Priority Skin care is a biggie for me, I always, always, always cleanse my skin at night, and after cleansing,  I love taking the time to apply my Bontanicals Jojoba Anti-Ageing Serum and Bee Venom Mask, and Botanicals Eye Gel Serum to make sure my skin looks it’s very best. Your skin needs to be always hydrated, plumped and ready to accept makeup.  Think of your skin round the eyes as the most finest linen – which needs to be cared for gently when you cleanse and apply your makeup. My product of choice is Botanicals Eye Gel Serum – 100% natural and gentle you will just ♥love this beautiful Gel.                   Your skin needs to be hydrated, and night time is a great time to replenish the skin from the exposure and pollutants of the day – and allow your Beauty Products do their work  while you sleep.  That is why we call it “Beauty Sleep!” This Is My Night Routine: Botanicals Cleansing Milk, ($51.90) Cleansing Toner, ($47.75)  Jojoba Anti- Ageing Serum, ($39.95)  Bee Venom Face Cream, ($78.95) Botanicals Eye Gel Serum. ($54.75) Morning Routine   Tone, and apply your JoJoba Anit-Ageing Serum (allow to absorb while having your breakfast!)  then your Moisturiser of choice  – mine is Beauty Bee Bee Venom Face Cream. ($78.95)  100% Gentle, 100% N.Z. Honey and Bee Venom, 100% Hand Made in N.Z. in small batches to ensure freshness, Not Tested on Animals. Apply your moisturiser and allow to absorb prior to applying your Colour by Dezine BB Cream – What is a BB Cream?? BB (Beauty Balm) is an all-in-one moisturiser, primer, foundation and sun block and can be worn alone as a tinted moisturiser , or primer under foundation, and also under Mineral Foundation depending on the amount of coverage required. Part Skin Care, part makeup, 100% amazing! This lovely BB Cream is super hydrating protection with...

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