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Drink Tea Every Day – To Keep The Doctor Away
Fran Muntz

Drink Tea Every Day – To Keep The Doctor Away

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I love tea!  Never been a coffee drinker – but I do love my Tea – and up until now I have been drinking English Breakfast Tea with milk and a 1/4 teaspoon of sugar!  Yes, I know cut out the sugar – but I have kept justifying to myself I only have a1/4 teaspoon – but the problem is that those 1/4 teaspoons add up during the day – sooooo  time for a change! I came across this cool brand called Harmoni-T their motto is NOURISH YOUR HEALTH FROM THE INSIDE OUT   TAKE THE TEA WAY – KEEP THE DOCTOR AWAY      Drinking tea on a daily basis may help enhance both the function and the performance our our bodies;  It may even help keep your doctor away.         At Harmoni-T Performance, the plan is to show you the truth and keep you informed with alternative herbal remedies and healthy choices. Whilst you savor the tantalizing tastes, your body will also benefit from its health and nourishing properties. Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water, and can be found in almost 80% of all U.S. households. It is the only beverage commonly served hot or iced, anytime, anywhere, for any occasion. On any given day, over 158 million Americans are drinking tea. Everyone wants to live with healthy habits, but make sure you don’t kick out the good ones with the bad when you make your resolutions. 165 million cups of tea are drunk in the UK every day – but few people realize that not only is tea an integral part of daily life, it’s also good for you. New research has shown health benefits from drinking four cups a day – like fruit and vegetables, tea is a natural source of antioxidants which are known to be beneficial to heart health, and tea can also contribute towards your daily fluid intake. Tea is also a favored beverage in Australia and New Zealand with the amount of Herbal teas being consumed increasing all the time. People nowadays choose to combat their health issues with herbal teas. However, choosing the wrong tea may exacerbate the underlying problem...

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