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The Top Colours You Need In Your Wardrobe
Fran Muntz

The Top Colours You Need In Your Wardrobe

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  When planning your wardrobe, Colour is the most important aspect to consider, to ensure you are choosing the colours that are going to compliment your own Personal Colouring.  We have prepared your Top Wardrobe Colours for you. Plus, when you have the formula correct you will find that everything coordinates beautifully – I find when I purchase something new (from colours in my personal Colour by Dezine Colour palette), when I get home I find – Wow – it goes with so many things in my wardrobe because the correct basics are there! YOUR  PERSONAL SKIN COLOUR –  What is your undertone?  Are you a Warm or a Cool??The advantage of knowing what colours look best on you and what shades of makeup you can wear to enhance your own natural colour direction, choosing the right colours for your Skin Tone is an important part of the beauty process.   Wearing the wrong tones in clothing or makeup can make even the     healthiest skin look unwell. COOL – you have a pinkish cast to your skin and lips.  Your veins are more blue and green, and pronounced on your inner wrist.  Because you are a Cool your makeup and Clothes colours need to be Blue based. WARM –  you have a Yellow greenish cast to your skin.  Your veins are more Green than Blue on your inner wrist and they are deeper under the skin.  You tend to freckle in the sun.  Because you are Warm based your colours in makeup and clothes need to be Yellow based. Check out our exciting “Discover your Colours” Free On line Colour analysis App – this will assist you in determining your Skin tone and your Season  YOUR PERSONAL HAIR COLOUR – Your Personal Colour Season is determined by your “Natural Hair Colour”  What was your hair colour as a teenager? This is an important factor in determining your season. “Natural” means the colour of your hair when you were young – not what colour it is if it’s been artificially enhanced – colouring your hair does not change your season. When colouring, always stay within your seasonal palette for hair colours. Many make the mistake of putting Golden highlights in Cool hair...

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