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Owning A Pet Can Improve Your Health
Fran Muntz

Owning A Pet Can Improve Your Health

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                  I can certainly attest to this I have two lovely fur babies – Bichon Frise puppies both females, a mother and daughter.  Bella (left) the mother had 6 puppies and Cindy (Right) was the pick of the litter …. the one with the most spunk who jumped out of the pen first!  Who could resist these two beautiful puppies, so gentle in nature, well trained and do not bark unless you knock hard on the front door!  Use the bell and there is no problem.  Do not shed fur, they have wool, not fur.  They make you go for regular walks, love unconditionally and require lots of cuddles… which is extremely calming to you.  By the way, I strongly recommend you have two pets they are great company for each other – our two are always cuddled up together – check out below for more added benefits. 12 Ways Your Pet Can Improve Your Mental Health If you are  feeling down and weary, and  can barely lift yourself off the couch, your dog will always come to your rescue. They will cuddle with you, then motivate you to get up, dressed, and out the door for a walk or some play time. It turns out that all pets, not just therapy pets, can help your mind, body, and spirit. Here are a dozen reasons why: 1. They get you outside: Sun and fresh air elevate your mood and the sun gives you an extra dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D exposure helps fight physical and mental conditions, including depression, cancer, obesity, and heart attacks. Also, when you go outside with your pet, you are engaging with nature. Try taking a moment to listen to the trees rustling, feel the wind rushing past, and the sun upon your face. The sounds and feeling of nature can be incredibly calming. 2. They get you moving:   Walking your dog and engaging in outdoors activities like tossing a Frisbee gives you a natural energy boost, and allows you to let off steam. It also makes you more physically fit, strengthening your muscles and bones, which helps not only your body, but also your self-esteem....

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