Essential Skincare Habits

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Essential Skincare Habits


For starters here are 3 non-product ways to help your skin:

1. Sleep: this is probably the most underrated tip we can share. The more regular and consistent sleep you get allows your body to replenish and rejuvenate, directly impacting your skin’s health.
2. Healthy Eating: what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. The food you eat helps give your skin vitamin and minerals which contributes to the health of your skin.
3. Water: another hidden secret, drinking water regularly will help improve skin’s complexion by flushing out toxins. It can also minimize pores by balancing oil and water on your skin which can also help reduce blemishes and breakouts. The benefits are endless!

So now that you know 3 easy steps you can take to help your skin without products, here is a 3-step-system that is easy to follow and guaranteed to support healthy and glowing skin:

1. Cleanse: Use a cleanser to remove make-up and impurities daily. This will help reduce breakouts and maintain smooth Skin, try beU Manuka Cream Cleanser.
2. Restore:
• Use a hydrating serum, try beU Jojoba Anti Aging Serum, lightweight oil that will give you the hydration you need without feeling oily.
• Using a mask regularly will also help keep your pores clean and your skin thriving, try beU Bee Venom Anti-aging Mask.
3. Moisturize: Use a good moisturizer that gives you deep hydration, try Retinol Anti Aging Moisturizer, as a bonus it is packed with Anti Aging properties that will keep your skin young and radiant.

By making healthy lifestyle and food choices and using a simple and easy skin care system, you will be on your way to glowing and more youthful skin.

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As exciting as the season changes can be, one thing we can agree on is how unexciting the change is to our skin. Weather undoubtedly does a number on our skin, often leading to dryness, painful and cracked results. So keeping up with your skincare routine and adding some additional help can help you survive the changes in the air and atmosphere.

Drinking lots of water is always a good idea and not just for your health but for your skin too
• Ensuring you are moisturizing regularly, we recommend twice a day. Doing this will help keep your skin from peeling and hurting. Try our beU Retinol Anti-Aging Moisturizer
• Adding a hydrating product to your skincare will also help keep your skin hydrated. Try a serum or an oil, we recommend our beU Jojoba anti-ageing Serum.

• You may think using a SPF during the summer is important (and it definitely is) but it’s equally as important the rest of the year. Anytime the sun hits your face you need to protect it from its rays so be sure to pack it with you on your travels and use it daily.  However choose your sunscreen carefully, many contain questionable ingredients.  I prefer to protect my skin with foundation and our Pressed Mineral Foundation, easy to brush on for a lovely silky application.

Learn More here:

More Tips
• Reduce your shower time -we know, taking a hot shower seems like a great idea but hot water can actually do the opposite and cause your skin’s natural hydration to evaporate. So limit that shower to 10 minutes or less.
Be consistent with your skin routine, follow beU’s 3 steps: Cleanse, Restore, and Moisturize and you’ll never experience dry skin. Learn more about the recommended system and products at:


Our Natural by Dezine® NZ Volcanic Microdermabrasion is used to even out skin tone and texture using fine New Zealand Pumice.

It is a controlled way to shed skin of impurities and dead skin layers.

It can dramatically treat dull, weathered skin, uneven or blotchy pigmentation, open pores, blackheads, sun damage and fine lines.

Every day thousands of cells die, fall off and are replaced by new cells from below. Unfortunately, as we age, this becomes a slower process, making your skin unable to shed dark blotches, skin damage, or dull lifeless complexions.

Microdermabrasion uses New Zealand Pumice to remove the outer Keratin layer of the skin. Regular removal of the keratin layer can improve the appearance of brown spots.

Microdermabrasion is used to even out skin tone and texture.

Great for all skin types: Shallow acne scars. Hyperpigmentation (Melasma). Sun Damaged Skin. Dull or aging skin. Fine lines and wrinkles. Enlarged Pores. Uneven skin tone, pigmentation and texture.

Age Spots and fine lines are reduced, pores are unclogged, acne is diminished, collagen is stimulated and a more uniform skin tone is evident.

Most clients have experienced their skin being visible softer, tighter, smoother and younger looking, even after their first treatment!

The function of NZ Volcanic Microdermabrasion is to create an evenly controlled shedding of the skin’s surface layer. This exposes a new fresh layer of skin with even colour and smoother texture.

The other area where Microdermabrasion excels is Scar and Stretch mark removal. It can drastically improve the appearance of these marks.

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The key to achieving a dreamy complexion is taking care of your skin every day. so we have five ways to help you do that. 

1. Always Remove Makeup Before Bed

It’s well known that skin rejuvenates itself during a good night’s sleep. However, when you leave makeup on, you prevent that from happening. This is particularly true for makeup that contains oily substances, which can accumulate in pores and disrupt skin’s natural balance — often inviting more acne and blackheads. Therefore, it’s crucial to cleanse skin thoroughly each night, allowing it to breathe and restore itself.

2. Use a Gentle Cleanser – “Cleanse” 
We all want a complexion that’s as smooth as butter. But using harsh cleansers can do more harm than good. When you lather up with a cleanser that’s too strong, it can strip away your skin’s natural barrier function, leaving it vulnerable to all sorts of external irritants. Not only that, but it can also leave your skin feeling as dry as the Sahara. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a gentle cleanser that works with your skin type. By opting for a milder option, you’ll be giving your skin the TLC it deserves.  beU Manuka cream Cleanser is effective for all skin types.  This cream Cleanser, with a fine, soft texture, fully dissolves makeup from the face and eyes and efficiently removes impurities without drying skin, leaving behind a silky finish.


3. Apply a Serum to Target Specific Skin Concerns “Restore”

The beauty of Serums is that depending on what area you want to address, there is a serum to tackle your needs.  If signs of premature aging, such as fine lines and sagging skin troubles you, then –  anti-aging serum is what we recommend.  When looking for the best match for your skin type and concern, pay attention to the ingredients, such as ultra-hydrating Jojoba, Argan and pure Rose oils in our beU Jojoba Anti Aging Serum.  The Crown Jewel of our range we call it “Liquid Gold”


4. Apply a Hydrating Mask 2 – 3 Times a week 

When it comes to using face masks, less is more. Overdoing it can strip your skin of oils, but applying it 2–3 times a week will give you the benefits you want. The main purpose of an anti-aging facial mask is to slow the signs of aging. They contain various ingredients, such as vitamin A, that help visibly reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

beU Anti Aging Bee Venom Mask – Bee Venom is a magical ingredient that is nature’s alternative to harsh treatments for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin care.  Your skin reacts to the bee venom by pumping up the collagen which in turn stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  Apply beU Anti Aging Mask Mask 2–3 Times a Week.

Bee Venom Anti Aging Mask

5. Moisturise regularly 

After a bath, shave or exfoliation, your skin is in need of some serious hydration. That’s when you should moisturize to give your skin the love it deserves. And for some of us, that could mean doing it twice a day! Did you know that the skin on your face, ears and neck sheds cells more rapidly than other parts of your body? That means those areas need all the moisture they can get to repair and regenerate. Plus, by moisturizing every day, you can prevent extreme dryness or oiliness, which is a common culprit of acne.

beU Retional Anti Aging Moisturizer is a PH balanced cream with active ingredients and oils from natural sources.  When applied as part of your daily skincare regimen, this enriched beauty cream works all day long to visibly help diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines leaving the skin smooth and soft.  Not just for females!  Great for our male skin as well, my husband would not miss applying this cream every day and his skin is a testimony of the regular usage.

Why beU??  Made in New Zealand – Not tested on Animals

What Is Your Colour Self Portrait?

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What Is Your Colour Self Portrait?

Did you know that the colours that you are drawn to are an Interpretation for your Self Portrait – What is your favorite Colour?

Group of two beautiful shopping women trying on clothes at shopping mall indoors

The Colour you have chosen to represent you acknowledges your image strengths


Autumn Woman Portrait. Beauty Fashion Model GirlORANGE – You see yourself as: Competent, action-oriented, organised, impatient.

Orange is the colour of form and design.  Your energy is high, and as a warm colour, you are sometimes restless.  Yet your competence and capabilities to organise are unmatched by any other colour.

An architect or engineer, a designer or marketer -you will find your niche in these professionsYou are the greatest self-starter and motivator.  To get the job done is your goal, for your energy always requires a direction.

You like form and structure around you because you are very conscious of design.  No messy homes or offices for you, for they make you feel ‘down’.  You flow straight as an arrow when focused.

Like the sun at dawn, you give purpose to all who know you!  After all, aren’t you the resource fuel of life, the colour of fire, and the energy warmth of humankind?


Woman red dress portrait isolated on white background. Smiling beautiful girl. Female model.RED – Ambitious, energetic, courageous, extroverted.

For your identity colour you have chosen the flashiest and most dramatic of all colours.

Physical or emotional, ’very human’ is another name for you.  You can be dynamic and direct but also generous.  You, red, have a strong character and love to be active and competitive.

You are solid in knowing what you want, and usually win.

If a female, you have a tendency to react quickly and emotionally, not always objectively.  As a male who chooses red, you like to be out in front, often in politics, for you enjoy accolades from others.  Some people call you a gladiator, some call you a leader.  As a leader, you have the ability and energy to move forward positively.

You are red, you are first, the Adam and Eve of society, the sexiest of all.  You have strength, courage and conviction rights, as wanting equal justice for all.


Shopping woman holding bags, isolated on white studio background

YELLOW – Communicative, expressive, social, people-oriented.

You have selected yellow, the colour of the universal communicatorYou love your mouth.  Sometimes you talk too much, but the entire world listens to your sharing.

At times you’re happy, at times you’re funny, and you’re always good at sales.  When you learn to listen, many see you as the great counsellor, as you are sought for your talents to advise.  The Egyptians and Mayans worshipped you, the colour of the sun, for your power to sustain life.

You are bright and expressive and give warmth to many.  You’re the life of the party, the best friend of man and the voice of the country.  Be the shining light for others.  Hold on to your personal energy though –  it can be wasted, especially when your questions run away with you.


Beautiful girl showing purple manicure and stylish jewelryPURPLE – Intuitive, feelingful, regal, spiritual

Purple or violet is the most intuitive of all colours.  Like the amethyst, you are spiritual and thoughtful.  Intuition is your name, for you are very gifted.

Sometimes you are shy and hiding like the violet, other times noble and regal as the ruler.

But always, you have high values for yourself and others.  You prefer to look up rather than down.  Because of your sensitivity, you have difficulty in trusting others completely.

Some call you spiritual others call you religious.  Whatever you are called, your faith will always see you through.  You have the gift of feeling; not only for yourself, but you can help others to find their way.   Always listen to yourself, for you are truly a gem of grace.


Young beautiful woman in blue dress sitting on swing background of white brick wall

BLUE – Intelligent, executive, responsible, self reliant.

You have chosen the colour that identifies as the wisest of all colours.  You could be a judge, executive, or a business manager, for you enjoy decision-making.

Those with a blue personality are hopeless romantic, and unshakable idealists.  They can’t stand the atrocities that happen in the world, so they turn instead to the hope and faith inside their hearts to keep them going.

You are very sensitive, but don’t let too many people see it.  You are also very calm, and enjoy being around water, as this relaxes them more than anything else,  You have deep connection to nature, and spend time outdoors whenever you feel imbalanced.

You have chosen the colour that identifies as the wisest of all colours.  You could be a judge, executive, or a business manager, for you enjoy decision-making.

Your balance is your heart, so stay in touch with your feelings.  They will guide you to the needs of yourself as well as to the sensitivity of others.


Sguardo di ragazza con giacca fuxiaPINK – Affectionate, loving, compassionate, sympathetic.

You have chosen the most loving of colours.  Your heart and your emotions are your strength.  As a light pastel, you are soft and gentle.  Your weakness surfaces only when you know not how to close your heart.  Yet when hot pink is your identity colour, you become as strong as a red.

You may find your vulnerabilities in not recognising your emotionally draining friends.

Mum or Dad of society are your claims to fame.   Responsibility for others is your game.  Because you are a combination of red and white, you energise others as the nurturer and rescuer.

Lover,  sweetheart and rose, you assert love, the universal.


Beautiful girl model in a green dress

GREEN – Benevolent, humanistic, service-oriented, scientific.

As a green identity, you have the strongest interest in the healing arts.  You are usually found serving and aiding others in humanistic ways.

Your compassion always surrounds the wanting, as well as those who are less fortunate than you.  You have good perception and awareness about most things, but you don’t appreciate sudden surprises.  You are too stable to have your boat unexpectedly rocked.

 When your shade is a darker green, you love to be recognised for your superior mind, which enjoys details and balanced ledger sheets.  Some call you a healer, yet some may call you a scientist.  As a practitioner, your skills are unequalled, for you can usually see clearly into any situation.  Health and balance are your goals, for you would like to discover life’s hidden secrets as well as return the earth and all its inhabitants to natural harmony.

BLUE-GREEN (TEAL) – Idealistic, faithful, sentimental, inventive.rsz_tumblr_m8ticrlmhd1rc8bzco1_1280

The colour of the ocean, of the trees wet with rain, or the coolness of sparkling brooks—you flow with movement and self contained energy.

If you have chosen blue green (teal) for identity, others find you hopeful, optimistic, believing and trusting.  You have more than enough faith and hope, for you trust yourself and others.

Professionally you’ll be found in the helping arts of the mind or spirit and often behind a podium.

Your contemporary acceptance in today’s colour world enable you as royalty hue to give faith to others.  Not green, the healer, not blue, the intellectual; but a combination of the qualities of both, you are!

Some seek you for enlightenment, others for practical insight; for whoever seeks you, you offer inner calmness. Faith is your middle name.


Young blond woman in brown jacket and white jeans. Girl posing on a beige background. Jewelry and hairstyle. Fashion photoBROWN – Honest, down-to-earth, supportive, structured.

You have identified as brown, the colour of the earth.  You are supportive and stable like a rock.

Others see you as secure, some call you strength;  you exhibit  “lean on me” properties.  You always bring everything into order,  for you have the gift of inner security.

Honesty is your high virtue, as you have no time for exaggeration and frills.  Your only vulnerability appears when you can’t express yourself.  You like to be heard.

Similar to the farmer and earth guardian, you find your professions close to nature.  You like working with your hands.

Secure, supportive and dexterous, you belong to the country.  For you are the machine that helps grow—and the protector of the earth.


599851b614aea168e96763ac636fe700BLACK – Disciplined, strong -willed, independent, opinionated.

If you have identified as the colour black, you appear disciplined and protective of yourself.  Black is powerful, black is mighty, but black can also be closed to light and openness.  Sometimes black can be used for strength, sometimes for protection, but black can image a barrier between you and others.

You may not desire to share but to stay locked alone in your world.  Yet, you can be the favourite outfit to go any place or can mix and match with any colour.  You give a strong, authoritative image of yourself.

But if you’ve chosen black because of being despondent or down, open the door and let the sunshine in. Come to us for help! You might just find a rainbow waiting with a pot of love and rewards.


htb17vonkfxxxxb2axxxq6xxfxxxjWHITE –  Individualistic, egocentric, lonely, having low self esteem.

White is another achromatic that seeks to find other colours of the rainbow.  When you choose it as your identity colour, you are probably going through a transition.

White is universal and abstract, a new idea without form.  You are the ego, the individual, the wanderer, but forever alone.  You have selected simplistic and pure colour, but one that reaches out for recognition.

Combined with red, mixed with blue, or as an additive to any colour you will change your hue.  You search for your own truth, don’t escape your own abstraction.

Come out to play, join with others to make a colourful array. Some may call you a loner, but don’t be alone for you really desire a family and identity to belong to.


Want to know more?  Check out our previous posts on


Beauty for You is- Your leading Colour, Beauty and Cosmetic Company for women who want high quality products, with superior ingredients and Colour Coordinated Cosmetics.



Be sure to check out our Discover Your Colours” Free On Line Colour Analysis App, and you will see that –


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Video Natural Makeup Look Tutorial

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Video Natural Makeup Look Tutorial

If you are looking for an awesome “Natural look” tutorial then this is the video for you – Bonita “The Face of Beauty for You”  takes you step by step through the whole process to create a lovely natural look.  You will love her easy relaxed manner and the finished effect – Be sure to let us know your comments and give Bonita a big thumbs up.

Products used: Colour by Dezine Cosmetics: Original Natural Look: Foundation: HiDef N4, Perfect Concealer: PC2, Transulcent Loose Powder: Light Beige, Mineral Foundation: PN3, Brow Definer: Dark Brown, Eye Shadow: Crush on You, Colour: Chocolate Kisses, Eyeliner: Mineral Brow Pencil – Dark Brown, Mascara: Super Lash Black, Blush Contor: Cedarwood, Lipgloss Lilic Mist.

Products available from





Benefits Of Using A Jade Roller

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Benefits Of Using A Jade Roller


What exactly is a Jade Roller?

                Originating in ancient China as part of traditional remedies, Jade Rollers are used to massage the face and improve circulation.

An awesome tool to add to your beU Beauty Routine



What are the main benefits of using a Jade Roller?

Gentle pressure helps stimulate circulation and leave the facial muscles more relaxed
Encouraging lymphatic draining boosts the skin’s natural detoxification process.
The naturally cooling sensation helps to calm the skin, depuff and soothe inflammation. Facial massage is known to be a stress reliever.

That is why we offer our amazing beU mini Facial♥
Use the Jade Roller to assist in the absolution of our unique beU Retinol Anti Aging Serum and beU Retinol Anti Aging Moisturizer

How to use a Jade Roller

1. Prepare your face by cleansing with beU Manuka Cream Cleanser.  Blend with dampened fingertips in upward and outward movements.  Remove with a damp cloth.
2. Apply beU Anti Aging Serum (Liquid gold) or beU Retinol Anti Aging Moisturizer. For best results, start by rolling the jade roller on the lower part of the face and work upwards from the chin. Roll in both up and down and side-wards directions, being careful around the delicate under-eye area.

Most effective on cleansed skin, jade rollers can be used on a dry complexion, or to massage in skincare products such as beU Jojoba Anti Aging Serum, or beU Retinol Anti Aging moisturizer. For a cooling effect on the skin, leave your jade roller in the fridge.
But please note – if your face is hot and flushed  (say from sitting in front of a fire) do not put the jade roller straight from the fridge on the skin, wait until the temperature of your skin drops.

Jade Verses Rose Quarts Facial Rollers – What is the difference?


The hype around facial rollers, both rose quarts and jade is real.

Jade Facial Roller

Jade Facial Rollers have been around here for centuries. They are evidenced back from, as back as the seventh century, China, where the stone was known to have various healing properties.

This stone was considered a symbol of grace, beauty, and longevity in Chinese society. It is also known to balance your inner energy and gives you a sense of peace and harmony.

In the old days, jade stone facial rollers were used to clear fluid congestion and flatten the wrinkles on the face.

One of the features that might interest you is that- Jade Roller is a Morning Roller.

If you feel sluggish during the early hours or are not a morning person, this roller will balance out the qi energy and will work for the revitalization of your skin which helps you stay fresh and awake all day long.

Moreover, this stone is also sought after for its skin cooling and tightening features. Featuring an Oblong-shaped stone of pure jade, it is attached to a handle with a metal frame that revs up your skin, improves its elasticity, de-puffs the eye area, and promotes lymphatic drainage.

The rollers are also said to have mystical powers, as jade itself promotes various qualities such as peace, wisdom, and balance.

Using the jade stone daily with your very special beU all natural Skin Care will leave your skin feeling healthy and firm while working wonders for dark circles and under eyes bags.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose Quartz is a rosy pink variety of Quartz stone.

It is known as the love stone and is also considered best for the vibrations of love, joy, healing, self-care, and anti-inflammatory properties. This beautiful stone comes with a powerful energy that works within both the heart chakra and the area related to compassion. Along with this, it is also believed to raise self-esteem, balance emotions, lower stress, and restore self-confidence.

Egyptians believed that the rose quartz stone comes with miraculous anti-ageing properties. Packed with minerals like iron, sodium, silicium, magnesium, sodium, and oxygen, the Rose Quartz facial roller heals the skin, rejuvenates it, and also has the ability to reduce inflammation.

Silica holds your skin together and gives it exceptional flexibility; Magnesium slows down the aging process; Iron regulates blood circulation, and Sodium fights up free radicals.

All of these elements allow the renewal of skin and improve the dull complexion. Moreover, it will also work, if you are a night person as its calms your skin and prepares it for the night.

The Verdict

We believe that you can’t go wrong with either of  the gemstones as both of them offers excellent skincare benefits.

Both rollers can be used with serums, massage masks, facial oils, and moisturizers for better absorption.

However, there are only slight intrinsic differences between both of them. For example, Jade relaxes the nervous system and removes the toxins from your skin. While the Rose Quartz stone comes with incredible anti-aging properties by helping boost microcirculation and exerting calming vibes of love.

I went searching for a really good quality Rose Quartz facial Roller and I am thrilled with my purchase –

check this out:

A great price and as a suggestion why not order extra and have them as a:

A gift for a friend when you purchase our stunning beU products – enjoy!









Bee Venom Anti Aging Mask60185208_388913145167570_9113368282202636288_n











Video Presenting a Candy Doll Look

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Video Presenting a Candy Doll Look

In this Video Bonita takes you step by step through how to create a Candy Doll Look – You will Love this very pretty look – easy to follow along using our Colour by Dezine Cosmetics – Enjoy! and be sure to leave us a comment.


Colour by Dezine Makeover By Bonita – Candy Doll
Products used: Colour by Dezine Cosmetic: Foundation: Hi-Def N4, Concealer: PC2, Translucent Loose: Powder Light Beige, Mineral Foundation: PN3, Brows: Brown Brow Definer, Eye Shadows: Irave Loose mineral Pigments: Polar Bear, Raszzberry, EyeShadow: Witchcraft, Contour: Cedarwood, Blush: Tea Rose, Liquid eyeliner: Black, Black Mascara, Lipliner: Pink: Pink Lady, Lipstick: Honolulu Pink, LipSeal: To Seal and Smudgeproof.  Products available from


Video Turn Your Natural Look to Night Glamour

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Video Turn Your Natural Look to Night Glamour

Step by Step on how to turn your Natural Day Look into Night Time Glamour.

Next step for you – Bonita shows you how to take your Natural daytime look and just add more depth and colour to instantly turn your look from Day to Night.  This Step by Step Tutorial will have you rocking a Glamour look in no time!  So go ahead and have a play you will love the effect!   Be sure to leave us a comment.

Created with Colour by Dezine Cosmetics.  Products used to update: Day to night: Brow Definer Dark Brown, Eye Brow Pencil: Dark Brown, Eye shadow: Base: Crush on You, Colour: Chocolate Kisses, Highlight eyes: Irave Champagne, Mascara: Black, Blush Cedarwood -plus Blush Bouquet – Rose Petal, Lips: Berry Pretty lipliner, Lipstick: Berrylicious
All products available from




Video – Natural Step By Step Makeup

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Video – Natural Step By Step Makeup

If you are looking for an awesome “Natural Look” tutorial then this is the video for you – Bonita “The Face of Beauty for You” takes you step by step through the whole process to create a lovely natural look. You will love her easy relaxed manner and the finished effect – So, be sure to give her the big thumbs up!

Created with Colour by Dezine Cosmetics:   Foundation: HiDef N4, Perfect Concealer: PC2, Translucent Loose Powder: Light Beige, Mineral Foundation: PN3, Brow Definer: Dark Brown, Eye Shadow: Crush on You, Colour: Chocolate Kisses, Eyelner: Mineral Brow Pencil – Dark Brown, Mascara: Super Lash Black, Blush Countor: Cedarwood, Lipgloss Lilic Mist.

Products available from

Video – Black Verses Navy

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Video – Black Verses Navy

Black verses Navy Debate – Video


Beautiful Russian girl in a chic winter coat6e0cad0748fce21339e38f8ba0049ad9












With Cooler days approaching and thoughts go to our Winter wardrobe, it is time to think about the items we need to add.  Yesterday, I spent time round the malls, and it is disappointing to see so much Black in the shops, you can walk in the door of a boutique and scan the racks and see only a touch of colour included in all the black.  What is this fixation with Black? – it can be so depressing!



Winter Fashion look woman. Black coat, hat and handbag.isolated on light blue background.














We are passionate about Colour!

It is uplifting, stimulating, draws people to you, and just makes you feel good and good to be around!  Try and put less black in your wardrobe – soften your look with NAVY!

Plus be sure to accessorize with COLOUR!


and yes, I know the old saying – Black is Slimming – but so is NAVY!  and it is just that much softer reflection on the skin.  I have put together a video for you to see the difference between Black and Navy – that I hope will encourage you seek out and find some great pieces by adding some Navy to your wardrobe – Also do check out the Psychology of Colour Black verses Navy Below

Enjoy – and do tell me what you think!

Psychology of Colour

Colour – BLACK

Black is the absence of colour due to the total absorption of light.

Psychological Power of Black

Positive Attributes: Authoritative, formal, sophisticated, mysterious, strong.

Negative Attributes: Mournful, aloof, negative, lifeless.

Wearing Black for Emotional and Physical Impact

As a sign of respect particularly in bereavement but also in cultures with different social and moral attitudes toward women (for example, in Muslim countries).
For bold impact and contrast with one other colour, as when wearing black skirt and red jacket.
To keep people at a distance; we don’t readily approach someone dressed in black.
In the evening, for dinner parties or formal occasions, if your objective is to play safe and not stand out. The little black dress may be the easiest option but it doesn’t enhance your chances of being noticed unless it’s in your colour palette.
If it’s in your colours, for lingerie in the finest fabric you can afford and the most alluring design to complement your body.
When to Avoid Wearing Black

If you enjoy people and like them to open-up to you; especially true if dealing with the elderly or children.
At a wedding black is somber, stately not joyous.
Near the face unless you have the strength of natural colouring to handle it.
On television, it’s an instant decapitator and appears heavy. Viewers’ eyes are drawn down from your face to what you are wearing.
If you haven’t much time for personal grooming, black shows every speck of dust, cat hair and piece of fluff.
Colour – BLUE

Includes: NAVY, True, royal, clear and medium blues; however, not pale pastel versions or aquas.

Psychological Power of Blue

Positive Attributes: Loyalty, restraint, gentleness, serenity.

Peaceful, trustworthy, constant, orderly. Good communication colour.

Negative Attributes: ‘Holier than Thou’, tiresome, predictable, conservative.

Wearing Blue for Emotional and Physical Impact:

The deepest blues project the most authority – just think of the uniform worn by police. If you want to look like the woman in charge, a navy or deep blue suit usually does the trick.
Mid-tone blues produce the right effect on the potential mothers-in-law, inspiring confidence that you’ll take care of her little boy.
On television, the mid-tone blues are the most ‘media-friendly’.
When to Avoid Wearing Blue:

Making a creative pitch in PR, advertising, design or marketing. Blue and creativity are not generally felt to be synonymous.
At a conference of bankers, lawyers, accountants or insurance salesmen, unless your objective is not to stand out.
For a school reunion when you want to project success and confidence.
Note: Psychology of colour exerts printed with permission from the publisher – The complete Style Guide by Mary Spillane, Published by Piaktus Books Ltd


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