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As exciting as the season changes can be, one thing we can agree on is how unexciting the change is to our skin. Weather undoubtedly does a number on our skin, often leading to dryness, painful and cracked results. So keeping up with your skincare routine and adding some additional help can help you survive the changes in the air and atmosphere.

Drinking lots of water is always a good idea and not just for your health but for your skin too
• Ensuring you are moisturizing regularly, we recommend twice a day. Doing this will help keep your skin from peeling and hurting. Try our beU Retinol Anti-Aging Moisturizer
• Adding a hydrating product to your skincare will also help keep your skin hydrated. Try a serum or an oil, we recommend our beU Jojoba anti-ageing Serum.

• You may think using a SPF during the summer is important (and it definitely is) but it’s equally as important the rest of the year. Anytime the sun hits your face you need to protect it from its rays so be sure to pack it with you on your travels and use it daily.  However choose your sunscreen carefully, many contain questionable ingredients.  I prefer to protect my skin with foundation and our Pressed Mineral Foundation, easy to brush on for a lovely silky application.

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More Tips
• Reduce your shower time -we know, taking a hot shower seems like a great idea but hot water can actually do the opposite and cause your skin’s natural hydration to evaporate. So limit that shower to 10 minutes or less.
Be consistent with your skin routine, follow beU’s 3 steps: Cleanse, Restore, and Moisturize and you’ll never experience dry skin. Learn more about the recommended system and products at:


Our Natural by Dezine® NZ Volcanic Microdermabrasion is used to even out skin tone and texture using fine New Zealand Pumice.

It is a controlled way to shed skin of impurities and dead skin layers.

It can dramatically treat dull, weathered skin, uneven or blotchy pigmentation, open pores, blackheads, sun damage and fine lines.

Every day thousands of cells die, fall off and are replaced by new cells from below. Unfortunately, as we age, this becomes a slower process, making your skin unable to shed dark blotches, skin damage, or dull lifeless complexions.

Microdermabrasion uses New Zealand Pumice to remove the outer Keratin layer of the skin. Regular removal of the keratin layer can improve the appearance of brown spots.

Microdermabrasion is used to even out skin tone and texture.

Great for all skin types: Shallow acne scars. Hyperpigmentation (Melasma). Sun Damaged Skin. Dull or aging skin. Fine lines and wrinkles. Enlarged Pores. Uneven skin tone, pigmentation and texture.

Age Spots and fine lines are reduced, pores are unclogged, acne is diminished, collagen is stimulated and a more uniform skin tone is evident.

Most clients have experienced their skin being visible softer, tighter, smoother and younger looking, even after their first treatment!

The function of NZ Volcanic Microdermabrasion is to create an evenly controlled shedding of the skin’s surface layer. This exposes a new fresh layer of skin with even colour and smoother texture.

The other area where Microdermabrasion excels is Scar and Stretch mark removal. It can drastically improve the appearance of these marks.

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