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6 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately!
Fran Muntz

6 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately!

By on Aug 16, 2015 in Beauty for You News | 4 comments

1. My Colloidal Silver  by Allan K. Sutton  – Your immune systems best friend.  My new brand is called Allan Sutton’s  “My Colloidal Silver” it is an Ionic Silver formulation.  All “My Colloidal Silver” is now produced in beautiful, clean and green New Zealand.  For over 15 years the production of Colloidal silver and it’s positive use in the world has been my passion and purpose. My products are always manufactured with great care, experience and quality controlled and this is reflected in my reputation for having product integrity in the world market for colloidal silver.  My products have NO additive, preservatives, fillers or chemicals.  Pure Silver (99.9999%) laboratory grade absolutely pure water and a sophisticated electronic system is what is used to produce My Colloidal Silver. This is a must for keeping all the bugs at bay – I take 30mls a day and never get colds or flu …. would never have a flu injection!  If you feel a sniffle or sore throat coming on just increase the dose – and like magic it works.  It has lots of uses – so check it out at your local Health food store.     2. Lemonades – I have an amazing tree full of fruit at my front door. Not only great for your health, but awesome in your vodka.. a girl needs something to look forward to! If you don’t have a sunny spot in your garden – just grow in a pot or bag, much nicer than limes or lemons not a bitter lovely as a cool drink with ice and water in the summer.     3. Jojoba Anti Aging Serum (Liquid Gold) As the cooler weather is really upon us – you probably have noticed your skin is appearing dryer – with all the indoor heating. Essential to hydrate your skin to keep it soft and supple – I would not go without this amazing product as a wonderful hydrator for your skin, Jojoba oil is a powerful natural moisturiser, and the anti aging properties of Pomegrante oil and Betain from sugar beet in the product are regenerative, and also effective in controlling the water balance of the skin while improving collagen production. 100%...

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