Smile – Have You Heard Of Oil Pulling?

By on Oct 27, 2015 in Healthy Living | 0 comments

ein lachender Mund mit roten Lippen und weißem Zähnen

Want that lovely smile and white teeth?  Oil pulling really works for healthy gums and teeth...  I know, as I do it daily.. I must say I resisted for quite some time from my husband taking to it immediately to improve oral health .. I just could not imagine holding oil in my mouth!  Then I was experiencing bad gum problems, and a build up of tartar.   A trip to the dentist horrors on two accounts!  Pain of a clean and the pain of the cost!  So I decided it was time to get with the program…  actually it is really easy to do and coconut oil is the key to success.  Believe me if I can do it you can too – so go on give it a go!   We have this great story from Trina to tell you all about it.

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