Make A Lip Statement!

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Beauty Matte Lip Gloss Special

We have a lovely selection of Waterproof matte Lip Glosses for you to choose from –

Act NOW before they are all gone!

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Waterproof Matte Lip Gloss only $9.95

Stunning FREE Waterproof Matte Lip Gloss 

You will ♥ this gloss it is long lasting and great colours – lasts all day!  Kissable ♥

Fantastic Colour Choice – Choose your shade number on the lips –

From: 7, 8,  20, 10, 4 or 34 –

Remove with cream cleanser



Lips Tips and Tricks

A fresh coat of Lipstick/Lip Gloss can instantly revamp your look, and can carry you through from day to night or transform you from a Natural look to Foxy Lady in seconds flat! But are you getting the most you can from your favorite lipstick?

Besides the Special above – Beauty for You has 3 beautiful formulas for you to choose from and all our lipsticks are coordinated in your season to make selection easy♥

Lipglass Lipstick $36.50 
♥ Super moisturizing formula gives your lips a “pop” of brilliant colour
♥ Super Shiny, high gloss shine.  ♥ Paraben Free

Lipstick Classic $36.50
♥ Enriched with anti- oxidants, Vitamin E and other lip pampering emollients
♥ This long lasting formula blankets your lips with bursts of brilliant colour
♥ Paraben Free

Lipstick Intense $36.50 
♥ Super Intense, frosty finish
♥ Paraben Free

Apply Lip liner to define the shape of your “Actual” Lips
Never  create your “own” lip line.  Remember it is about keeping it natural.  You want to enhance your lips, not create new ones.

Soften Lines 
After applying your lip liner, use your finger to soften the line.  Next use our concealer – lighter than your skin tone to be applied the very border of your lips (with a fine lip brush) to create a definite lip line and stop bleeding.

Try the finger trick 
After applying your lip colour, do the “finger trick” to prevent lipstick from getting your teeth.  Put your finger in your mouth and close your lips around your finger.  With lips still closed, pull your finger out. Any lip product that would have ended up on your teeth is now on your finger.

Be mindful of how you use your lips
To avoid ending up with lots of lines on your upper lip – don’t smoke!  Also don’t constantly use a straw or do anything that purses your lips together – remember what we do with our face will in time generate lines – so smile and don’t frown♥

Bonita Lips Intense Pink, Honoulu Pink,Seductive

Pictured: Beauty for You Lips
Pink (Intense) – Honolulu Pink (Classic) – Seductive (Lipglass)
Check out the full range – including Lip Liners below
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