Advantages of Shopping with your Colour by Dezine Palette

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How to make the most of  shopping with your Personal Colour by Dezine Palette

  You have the power!

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Colour Analysis is simply a careful assessment of your natural colouring–  of  skin, hair and eyes – in order to determine what clothes and make-up are most complimentary for you.

Most of us have always felt some colours suited us better than others, but it was all a matter of experimentation,trial and error, until Colour Analysis was introduced.  This had a wonderful sense of logic; through analysing your natural seasonal colouring.

When your clothes and makeup complement your colouring you look natural and exciting. In your right colours we notice you first; your clothes become an afterthought.

Each “Colour by Dezine®” Palette shows sample colours that are best for each individual woman. Once you know your colours it is easy to develop a wardrobe that co-ordinates, since the colours within each palette are harmonious and all work together beautifully.  We have over 15,000 possible personal Colour Palettes in our Colour by Dezine® System.

Millions of women who have adopted Colour analysis can confirm that it is not limiting but liberating.  They have learned how to compliment, not negate, their natural colouring so they look so much better: healthier, more attractive and confident.  No longer do they have to suffer the frustrations of shopping without knowing what suits them, of buying things that are wrong or don’t go with anything else they have and just hang around cluttering their wardrobes.  Colour analysed women have wardrobes that work for them, not against them.


Your Personal colour by Dezine Palette contains 40 colours, selected according to your precise colouring of Skin, Hair and Eyes. Use these as a guide and wear colours only that blend with your palette.

Each individual is unique. Colour by Dezine® will recognize those unique qualities and create a palette of specialized groupings of colours for that person with the seasonal undertones of hue, value and chroma present.

When shopping you will be able to scan the racks at a glance and see what is worthwhile looking at … Always use your palette .. keep it with you all the time – you cannot keep colours in your head ..  Fan out the palette and place the colour chip on the garment you are looking at – DOES IT BLEND???? – you do not have to match THREAD FOR THREAD.. If the colour chip blends nicely with the fabric then it is fine – if not, do not purchase.

The fantastic result of only purchasing garments from your colour palette is when you get it home you will see ….WOW!  It goes with many other items in your wardrobe.



Your STAR COLOURS in your palette are your very best colours to compliment your personal Skin, Hair and Eye Colours – these are the three colours I recommend you start with to add to your selection .. and build round them – you will instantly begin to see and feel the true benefit of wearing your own personal STAR COLOURS!!  Enjoy!




This is a perfect example of finding an accessory – a wrap in the Colours of your palette!!


Separate your suits – pants, skirts, jackets and colour coordinate – this way you will get more use out of each item by coordinating them with other clothes in your closet.

Nothing to wear concept, young woman deciding what to put on


Now you have your Personal Colours Sorted – do you need some assistance on Style and how to sort out your closet??
How many times have you stood in a fitting room asking yourself – does this look good on me? Is it the right Colour, Line, Shape, Length?


What about?  Will it go with items in your current  wardrobe?  Do you have to purchase something else to go with it?  It is on sale ….  How many times does that influence your decision.

How many mistakes do you have hanging in your wardrobe?

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Have you thought about how much money you have wasted?


Well we have the solution!!

We have prepared a step by step Portfolio to assist you in making the right choices, depending on your own personal Face, and Body Shape.

Plus, we will teach you what Style Expression you are!

For example: Does your style reflect Town and Country, Dramatic, Classic, Romantic, Creative?  Or a mixture of several expressions – this means you are sending mixed messages.  By knowing your Style Expression it will cut out the confusion and make building a co-ordinated wardrobe super easy.  Check out this link for more information.



But wait!  It does not stop there … in order to achieve a completely Colour Co-ordinated look – you need to have the correct Colour Cosmetics depending on your Skin tone and Season!  What is the point in spending money on clothes if you are wearing the wrong foundation for example – you will not achieve that radiance without the correct colour of cosmetics.

We have made it easy for you – Our Foundations are all categorized into Warm and Cool – so for example if you are a Spring or Autumn – you are Warm, foundations are Yellow and Peach based.  If you are Summer or Winter – you are Cool, foundations are Pink and Neutral based.   We researched round the world to find a manufacturer who could supply us top quality products that are: Hypoallergenic, Allergy tested, Non- comediogencic, Fragrance free, do not contain Parabens, and are not Tested on Animals.

You can shop for our Colour by Dezine Foundations HERE: 


All our cosmetics are Colour Co-ordinated into Seasons – so you can shop With Confidence within your Season.  These are high quality Colour Cosmetics that not only perform to the highest standard but also do not contain any harmful ingredients.  All our Colour by Dezine Cosmetics are Paraben Free, Gluten Free, and Cruelty Free.
You can Shop by Season HERE:       but-learnmore


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