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When planning your wardrobe, Colour is the most important aspect to consider, to ensure you are choosing the colours that are going to compliment your own Personal Colouring.  We have prepared your Top Wardrobe Colours for you. Plus, when you have the formula correct you will find that everything coordinates beautifully – I find when I purchase something new (from colours in my personal Colour by Dezine Colour palette), when I get home I find – Wow – it goes with so many things in my wardrobe because the correct basics are there!

download-copyYOUR  PERSONAL SKIN COLOUR –  What is your undertone?  Are you a Warm or a Cool??The advantage of knowing what colours look best on you and what shades of makeup you can wear to enhance your own natural colour direction, choosing the right colours for your Skin Tone is an important part of the beauty process.   Wearing the wrong tones in clothing or makeup can make even the     healthiest skin look unwell.

COOL – you have a pinkish cast to your skin and lips.  Your veins are more blue and green, and pronounced on your inner wrist.  Because you are a Cool your makeup and Clothes colours need to be Blue based.
WARM –  you have a Yellow greenish cast to your skin.  Your veins are more Green than Blue on your inner wrist and they are deeper under the skin.  You tend to freckle in the sun.  Because you are Warm based your colours in makeup and clothes need to be Yellow based.

banner2-discover-your-colours-largeCheck out our exciting “Discover your Colours” Free On line Colour analysis App – this will assist you in determining your Skin tone and your Season

download-copy-2 YOUR PERSONAL HAIR COLOUR  Your Personal Colour Season is determined by your “Natural Hair Colour”  What was your hair colour as a teenager?
This is an important factor in determining your season. “Natural” means the colour of your hair when you were young – not what colour it is if it’s been artificially enhanced – colouring your hair does not change your season. When colouring, always stay within your seasonal palette for hair colours. Many make the mistake of putting Golden highlights in Cool hair colour, or ash into Warm hair colour. Also remember, as we age it is advisable to colour our hair lighter – not darker.

Be sure to Not to Add “Warm” colours to your Hair if you are a Cool or “Ash” colours if you are a Warm.  Your Hair colour if “coloured , needs to harmonise with your natural colouring.

download-copy-2-copyYOUR MAIN EYE COLOUR – When you wear your main eye colour, it immediately brightens your face and makes your eyes POP!  The exception to this rule is if your eye colour happens not to be in your season. For example – I am a cool Winter and have Cool skin undertone, Cool Hair Colour and a Sage Green eye colour – therefore, I am 2 parts Cool and one part warm. If I wore my eye colour I would look very ill.  If you hold your eye colour fabric up to your face you will soon see if it works for you or not.

downloadYOUR WHITE – the Whites of your eyes.  Most people do not have bright Whites and so the stark, bright White shirts and tops do not flatter.  Have a look at the Whites of your eyes and see what White you see is it pure White, soft White, Grey White or even off White?
Winters suit pure White,  Summers Winter White (soft off White) Spring – Soft Cream, Autumns Warm Cream.  The wrong white will dull your eyes!!

download-copy-4-copyYOUR BLACK –  Yesterday, I spent time round the malls, and it is disappointing to see so much Black in the shops, you can walk in the door of a boutique and scan the racks and see only a touch of colour included in all the Black.  What is this fixation with Black? – it can be so depressing!

We are all about Colour!  It is uplifting, stimulating, draws people to you, and just makes you feel good and good to be around!   Try and put less Black in your wardrobe – soften your look with NAVY!
Did you know that only Winters wear Black well?  Summers Can Wear Charcoal, Springs and Autumns Green//Black or Brown/Black.   But best of all Navy!

EVERY  SEASON HAS A NAVY THAT SUITS THEIR COLOUR PALETTE – and yes, I know the old saying – Black is Slimming – but so is NAVY!  and it is just that much softer reflection on the skin.  I have put together a video for you to see the difference between Black and Navy – that I hope will encourage you seek out and find some great pieces by adding some Navy to your wardrobe.
Check out our Blog Post and Video on Black Verses Navy Debate – you will find it most enlightening

high fashion portrait of elegant woman in black coat. Studio shoportrait of young woman in purse studio shot on gray background

download-copy-5-copyYour Reds –  are some of the most  flattering colours for all skin tones, providing they are the “Right Red”. We often hear people say I cannot wear Red – but the problem is that they have not selected their personal Red according to their personal colouring. Red is romantic, feminine, and also energetic and active.  Your lip colour, blush and nail colour need to come from your own version of Red.  Your Red is good for Causal wear, Dinner wear, Lingerie, accents and accessories.  However, don’t wear red if giving a presentation if you are wanting feed back – it is far too dominant – also NEVER wear Red to a job interview!!



download-copy-6-copyYour Blues emphise your colouring through contrast.  Deeper Blues are basic and can be mixed easily with brighter accent colours.  Blues can be used in an entire outfit or as an accent.  Blue is the most popular colour in the spectrum.  Be sure to choose your correct Blue to flatter you personal colouring.




download-copy-7-copyYour Purples – are quieting, cool and refined.  They are elegant colours and can be used in an entire outfit or as an accent.  If you are blonde, your Purples will intensify your hair colour.  Cools look great in Purples.  Warms have limited choice of Purple – they must be a warm tone Purple.


download-copy-8-copyYour Blue-Greens, Greens, Teals will be an exciting addition to your Colour Palette, since they emphise your skin tone colour.  These colours will spotlight you and can be worn in an entire outfit or an accent.  These are excellent colours for day or evening wear. Your personal palette will show your correct Green shade.


download-copy-9-copyYour Metallics – blend with your wardrobe and can be used for jewellery and accessories. Rose Gold for Cools and Yellow Gold for Warms.  Gold for Cools are only best when you have a warm eye colour. Silver is by far the best choice for Cools.  Bronze is also great for warms.


Fashion Girl Portraitgold



You too can now Discover your own Personal Colours by visiting our FREE ONLINE COLOUR ANALYSIS APP – all you do is upload a picture of yourself and follow the steps to Discover your Colours.  Enjoy!  Plus, we have a Step by Step video on our website to show you how the whole process works.
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