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Video – Black Verses Navy
Fran Muntz

Video – Black Verses Navy

By on Jun 15, 2020 in Colour and Style! | 1 comment

Black verses Navy Debate – Video                         With Cooler days approaching and thoughts go to our Winter wardrobe, it is time to think about the items we need to add.  Yesterday, I spent time round the malls, and it is disappointing to see so much Black in the shops, you can walk in the door of a boutique and scan the racks and see only a touch of colour included in all the black.  What is this fixation with Black? – it can be so depressing!                             We are passionate about Colour! It is uplifting, stimulating, draws people to you, and just makes you feel good and good to be around!  Try and put less black in your wardrobe – soften your look with NAVY! Plus be sure to accessorize with COLOUR! EVERY  SEASON HAS A NAVY THAT SUITS THEIR COLOUR PALETTE – and yes, I know the old saying – Black is Slimming – but so is NAVY!  and it is just that much softer reflection on the skin.  I have put together a video for you to see the difference between Black and Navy – that I hope will encourage you seek out and find some great pieces by adding some Navy to your wardrobe – Also do check out the Psychology of Colour Black verses Navy Below Enjoy – and do tell me what you think! Psychology of Colour Colour – BLACK Black is the absence of colour due to the total absorption of light. Psychological Power of Black Positive Attributes: Authoritative, formal, sophisticated, mysterious, strong. Negative Attributes: Mournful, aloof, negative, lifeless. Wearing Black for Emotional and Physical Impact As a sign of respect particularly in bereavement but also in cultures with different social and moral attitudes toward women (for example, in Muslim countries). For bold impact and contrast with one other colour, as when wearing black skirt and red jacket. To keep people at a distance; we don’t readily approach someone dressed in black. In the evening, for dinner parties or formal occasions, if your objective is to play safe...

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