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Does Your Colour Season Change As You Age?
Fran Muntz

Does Your Colour Season Change As You Age?

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How does your Season/Colours change as you age?  What happens when your hair goes grey? What happens as your skin becomes lighter?  Do you start out as one Season and then change? Can you Change from this Summer Palette  …. to the opposite Winter Palette?                     Or this Spring Palette…. to the opposite Autumn Palette?               The answer is NO.   The Skin undertone and Season you were born with is the one you will always have.  The only issue would be if you had been incorrectly analyised in the first place.   As colour analysis has evolved over the past twenty plus years or so  – you may have been analyised,  because of the limitations of the system/process at the time of your original analysis, incorrectly.   This does not mean your season has changed – it just that the new systems are far more advanced  in making a correct analysis. With Colour by Dezine® you cannot be a mixture of two seasons – your colours are selected according to your personal SKIN, HAIR AND EYE COLOUR – this is what makes our system unique – Your personal palette of Colours is prepared personally for you!  No Pre-made palettes – we have over 15,000 possible combinations of palettes in our system. Changing your colour preferences  (through the years) is normal – as sometimes as we age we may feel the need to leave certain (usually the brighter and darker) colours behind us, and stick with the softer colours in our personal palette. However, you can still use these brighter and darker colours for “Accents” to great effect!  Just because you are getting a little older it is definitely not necessary to abandon your favorite Brights and Darks in your palette ! However, having said that … it is a fact that our skin tone does change as we age, but it does not change our season.  Using the softer colours close to your skin will certainly flatter.  As we age the level of contrast in our skintone, the softening of hair colour – with the reduction of pigmentation or going grey, and the depth of...

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