How Colour Affects Our How Lives

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How Colour Affects Our How Lives

Welcome To The Wonderful World of Colour

You probably know that colour is the first thing we meet someone for the first time. But did you realise that we also make virtually instant judgments about a person’s status from the colours they are wearing. For instance, in medieval times, the lower classes weren’t allowed to wear the colours of the upper classes, or they were fined, sometimes up to a half year’s wages! The lower class had to wear the colours of the earth – brown and green tones, that came from dyeing cloth with things that were immediately to hand and were cheap – grass, soil even dung!

The most expensive dyes were brand-new colours at the time, particularly purple and red. These colours were kept for royalty and the bigwigs in the church. Just at one glance and everyone will know instantly they are in the presence of massively powerful individual.

This instant recognition of status still happens today – every single one of us makes judgments about other people based on what they’re wearing – how they present themselves.

What We Wear and Why – Is Totally Fascinating

Have you ever wondered why Colour is so important? Image a world without colour – colour impacts our personal and business lives – colour enriches our lives -Why? Colour is light reflected, without light there will be no colour. Colour communicates subconsciously. Do we sometimes take this powerful tool for granted?

Colour is a powerful tool; it is in our food, clothing and environment and is used constantly in advertising. The Psychology of Colour can really assist you in many ways – Colour can help you in communication with others – you have a powerful asst to use consciously.

Colour and Style is everything! How you present yourself is a very important part of who you are. Your first impression is vital to you and how you communicate with others. When you move into a room of strangers, they are judging you as much as you are judging them. Before you have even spoken a word to them, haven’t you reached a certain conclusions about them? How you use colour, tone and intensity personally and in your business? There are no good or bad colours – colours can be used positively or negatively. The Psychology of colour is a universal language.


RED: High impact colour. Good for lecturing and selling – must be your right RED – Stimulates the appetite – Makes food more aromatic – Cherry Red – Sophisticated, Authority, Power, Energy

ORANGE: Yellow red – Warmth – stimulating – friendly – Career colour – Draws attention quickly – saying this product is for everyone.

PURPLE: Mystery – formality – quietness – Artistic people are drawn to purple.

PURPLE BLUE: Tranquility – Spiritual – Reflective – Dignified

BLUE: Peace – Loyalty – restraint – gentleness – serenity – Good Communication colour – Opens up line of communication – The brain secretes tranquility hormones when blue is present.

BLUE / GREEN: Fresh colour of nature – Relaxed and friendly – Colour of balance and healing.

GREEN: Natures colour – people usually feel safe around green – plants.

YELLOW GREEN: Intense – cheerful – energetic – sporty – youthful and spontaneous

YELLOW: Eye catching – MUST BE YOUR RIGHT YELLOW Stimulating – intellectual – happiness – lightest colour in the spectrum – Selling a house – yellow

GREY: Conservative – dignified – classic corporate colour

NAVY: Conservative – authoritative – business like – most acceptable corporate colour.

WHITE: Trustworthy – goodness and purity

BROWN: Earthy – natural and warm

BLACK: Authoritative – mysterious – sophisticated – Black cuts down communication – so please add colour♥

You too can get excited about Colour

by having your own Personal Colour Analysis


for your own personal analysis


You can then take the next step and learn all about your own personal Style – what suits your Face

Shape – your Body shape – Complete the Questionnaire and you can order your own 75 Page Personal Style Portfolio- Plus learn all about how you too can use the

amazing benefits of The Psychology of Colour

To find out more visit

Video – Scarf Tying In 10 Ways

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Video – Scarf Tying In 10 Ways


rsz_img_2097rsz_1img_2109 (1)It is getting cooler – Time to Wrap up!


We are excited to bring you some great ideas on accessories – and in particular beautiful scarves.


We have been searching to find some lovely pieces and have a beautiful selection of high quality Pashmina’s for you.


You can bring not only warmth, but beautiful colour and style with a Pashmina Accessory – a great way to jazz up your wardrobe – check out the video for lots of ideas on how to create different looks – have fun!

You will ♥ these Pashmina Scarfs – in a lovely Clear Pink, Plum, Blue, Jade and Red – at very special price of only $45.00!  especially for you!



A quality Pashmina is a stunning accessory to compliment any outfit. These Pashmina / Silk blend shawls offer Warmth, Softness, and Luxury.

For Warmth, Colour and Style wrap yourself in our beautiful, colourful Pashminas –

rsz_master_group30% Silk + 70% Pashminarsz_img_2106

Size 65 x 190cm

Dry Clean Only


Brought to you at this very special price of $45.00 – selling in the stores from $145 to $249!



Check out this great video for ideas on getting creative with scarves, and see how easy it is to update your wardrobe.  Have fun♥



What Is Colour Analysis ?

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What Is Colour Analysis ?

Introducing The Wonderful World Of Colour by Dezine®

Personal Colour Analysis

banner2-discover-your-colours large


Simply put, Colour Analysis is the art of analysing a person’s natural colour of Skin, Hair and Eyes and recommending the appropriate selection of colours that will harmonise with that persons personal colouring.

Colour Analysis started way back in the 60’s and like everything it has evolved, developed and become a specialised service.  Our Colour by Dezine® system is complimented by our proprietary computer technology which will identify your very best personal colours.

You can choose to have a personal consultation with one of our professionals, which consists of analysis with Hue Level and Seasonal drapes, followed by coordinate analysis to select your personal Skin, Hair and Eye Colour, in degrees of tone, Light, True, Vivid or Contrasting. With our unique, accurate Colour analysis system you are able to purchase your own personal palette of 40 wardrobe colours.  We are proud to supply our Palettes and products to over 20 countries round the world – if you would like more information just contact us  Here

Nothing to wear concept, young woman deciding what to put on3c586f3cb0c18deaa44596365572589c






Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

You too, can create a stunning Coordinated wardrobe of Colour!

We have over 15,000 possible palettes in our system, each palette is prepared by hand and is unique to you!

NO Preset seasonal palettes with Beauty for You – your Colour by Dezine palette will be a great asset to you making the correct selection and you will find AT LAST  everything starts to coordinate!!

However, if you do not live close to one of our Professional consultants – and even if you live overseas – you too can receive the benefit of our amazing system.  I have created a FREE ONLINE Colour Analysis App – which mirrors the steps of a personal consultations – all you need to do is to upload a photo of yourself and follow the steps to Discover your Colours.  We have also a Step by Step Video to show you how the whole process works.  But it does not stop there!  –  Once you place an order for your Personal Palette – if you have not made the correct selection – I will upload your photo again – and enter into the Discover your Colours App and send you the correct analysis – or ask for further information ♥

It is just like you are sitting in my Beauty Room!

To experience your own analysis – CLICK HERE

Colour is a NO COST ITEM and it gives you confidence to project your own personal style  we have over 15,000 possible palettes in our system – your colours are especially created for you!  Complete the picture with our Colour Coordinated Cosmetics when you Shop by Season – HERE


What Will A Colour by Dezine® Colour Analysis

Do For You?

Right Colours – Above

Add a radiant Glow to your skin, hair and eyes

Make the whites of the eyes and teeth  look brighter

Smooth out small lines and wrinkles,

Disguise shadows under the eyes

Minimise any imperfections

Correct Colour Coordinated Makeup for your Season

When you wear your correct “Personal Colours” you look younger and more radiant


Wrong Colours – Above

Darken and dull the complexion

Whites of eyes, teeth and skin yellow

Emphasises shadows under the eyes

Accentuates blemishes, redness and imperfections

Incorrect selection of Foundation and Makeup for skin, hair and eyes

With the wrong colour you look tired and unhealthy

When you wear your incorrect colours you look tired and unhealthy

When you to shopping with your Colour by Dezine® colour palette – you have the confidence of making the correct choice – not relying on someone who does not understand the importance of Correct Colours  – put the power in your hands!

NO Dress, Hairstyle or Makeup can achieve the radiance that is created by your own Colour by Dezine® Personal Colours

We are the leaders in Colour

Let us assist you in creating a stunning colour coordinated wardrobe that you can mix and match, save you heaps of money, and know you are going to look stunning in everything you wear by making the most of your individual colouring.  The finishing touch is your cosmetics – no more standing at the cosmetics counter wondering what suits you – we have done all the hard work for you- just Shop by Season with our Colour by Dezine® Colour Co-ordinated cosmetics.

Looking good has never been so easy


NOW it is YOUR TURN – Just go HERE UPLOAD A VERTICAL PHOTO OF YOURSELF SHOWING YOUR FACE AND HAIR – and follow the steps and have some fun Discovering your own Personal Colours!

I look forward to seeing your beautiful face in our Colour Circle!!

Kind Regards,

Fran – Beauty for You



In Need Of A Beautiful, Relaxing Deep Sleep?

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In Need Of A Beautiful, Relaxing Deep Sleep?

Are You In Need Of A Beautiful, Relaxing Deep Sleep??


Have you heard of Wholetones?  If not, you are in for a real treat!  Back 7 years ago here in Christchurch New Zealand, we had a series of major earthquakes (thousands in fact) – which caused much devastation and even deaths.  It was an extremely stressful time for everyone – and actually it has taken a long time to settle.  In fact, we are still going though buildings being demolished and streets being dug up even to this day.  Just after the first earthquakes started I found out about Wholetones – beautiful music to assist you with all sorts of issues from Stress Relief, Promote Healing, Break Negative Cycles, and Restore Sound Sleep in minutes.

We have played Wholetones beautiful music every night since receiving these wonderful discs – and they are amazing (it also puts our two puppies into a calm, restful sleep!)  I can really positively recommend Wholetones to you and your loved ones!

Now they, have introduced a new series of tunes called  Wholetones Life, Love & Lullabies – these beautiful tunes are a delight and something you really must try!  Do listen to the sample music and you will feel the calmness of the tunes.  A must have!  Also what a wonderful gift to a loved one – or perhaps someone who is having a struggle .. this truly is a gift of love.500-500-A2E1A8B3636540AFB7A5AD0BEA9CB13A

Wholetones Life, Love & Lullabies (Physical Album + Digital Access)

Life, Love & Lullabies is music by Wholetones, designed to help ANYONE NOT JUST FOR BABIES!!!  Feel more relaxed, have greater peace, and best of all, get better sleep than they’ve had in years. This is a collection of 6 beautiful songs, each approximately 30 minutes in length.

That’s 3 hours of music to help you fall asleep and stay asleep! 

All covered by a 365–day money back guarantee

Life, Love & Lullabies, is 13 hours of powerful music (and frequencies) that I truly believe, is a “one of a kind” sonic experience!

“Michael S. Tyrrell recorded Life, Love & Lullabies at, “The Bakery” studio, in Dallas, Texas, the same studio where he recorded, Wholetones Christmas, (which BTW, charted at #8 on the Billboard charts during Christmas!)

But that’s where the similarity ends, the first big difference…poof, no drums! That’s right, even though Wholetones wasn’t written to help people sleep, 90% of you mentioned by survey or testimonial, that it helped you sleep. The only downside was, when the drums came in, some people woke up. Since our drummer Dustin is family, I dreaded telling him there would be no drums on Life, Love & Lullabies, his response, “can I still come and hang out with you guys in the studio?” He’s a keeper!

2535090_origSo instead of drums we added…. a Harp!  Steve Reese brought his amazing, “Celtic” harp (built it himself) into the studio,  to play on a couple of pieces.  Each piece on Life, Love & Lullabies, is about 30 minutes long and UNBELIEVABLY RELAXING

Four of the six pieces are based on actual traditional lullabies, and two of them I wrote. I know they work because of a very humorous story.

One night Brad and I were mixing one of the pieces and we both kept nodding off to sleep. We kept drinking more coffee and couldn’t figure out why we were so tired…then, all of a sudden I started laughing and said, “we’re sleepy because we are mixing lullabies!” We both laughed hard.

Before I share the song titles, I want to explain the name. Without life, there could be no love, and without love, there would be no lullabies. Thus, there is life, and love, in every lullaby, and I can’t wait for you to experience these.”

Here is the list of songs:

Track List:images
1. Brahm’s Lullaby (174hz)
2. Gabriella (333hz)
3. Suo Gân (396hz)
4. All The Pretty Horses (444hz)
5. All Through The Night (528hz)
6. Angels All Around Us (963/120hz)

We I can’t wait until you hear it, so YOU can do the talking for me. I can tell you, without question, I believe this music will exceed your expectations, and I pray that it is the most beautiful and beneficial music you have ever heard.

You can check out samples of Love, Life& Lullabies by CLICKING HERE

You can also now order your own copy – it does not need hype…. the moment you hear it.. you will understand my excitement  in writing to you and wanting to share with you  –

Please forward the love to your family and friends by sharing this Blog… and here’s to Great Restful Sleep!! 

P.S we would love to hear your experiences of these beautiful tunes.


Advantages of Shopping with your Colour by Dezine Palette

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Advantages of Shopping with your Colour by Dezine Palette

How to make the most of  shopping with your Personal Colour by Dezine Palette

  You have the power!

charlene New Master 2014

Colour Analysis is simply a careful assessment of your natural colouring–  of  skin, hair and eyes – in order to determine what clothes and make-up are most complimentary for you.

Most of us have always felt some colours suited us better than others, but it was all a matter of experimentation,trial and error, until Colour Analysis was introduced.  This had a wonderful sense of logic; through analysing your natural seasonal colouring.

When your clothes and makeup complement your colouring you look natural and exciting. In your right colours we notice you first; your clothes become an afterthought.

Each “Colour by Dezine®” Palette shows sample colours that are best for each individual woman. Once you know your colours it is easy to develop a wardrobe that co-ordinates, since the colours within each palette are harmonious and all work together beautifully.  We have over 15,000 possible personal Colour Palettes in our Colour by Dezine® System.

Millions of women who have adopted Colour analysis can confirm that it is not limiting but liberating.  They have learned how to compliment, not negate, their natural colouring so they look so much better: healthier, more attractive and confident.  No longer do they have to suffer the frustrations of shopping without knowing what suits them, of buying things that are wrong or don’t go with anything else they have and just hang around cluttering their wardrobes.  Colour analysed women have wardrobes that work for them, not against them.


Your Personal colour by Dezine Palette contains 40 colours, selected according to your precise colouring of Skin, Hair and Eyes. Use these as a guide and wear colours only that blend with your palette.

Each individual is unique. Colour by Dezine® will recognize those unique qualities and create a palette of specialized groupings of colours for that person with the seasonal undertones of hue, value and chroma present.

When shopping you will be able to scan the racks at a glance and see what is worthwhile looking at … Always use your palette .. keep it with you all the time – you cannot keep colours in your head ..  Fan out the palette and place the colour chip on the garment you are looking at – DOES IT BLEND???? – you do not have to match THREAD FOR THREAD.. If the colour chip blends nicely with the fabric then it is fine – if not, do not purchase.

The fantastic result of only purchasing garments from your colour palette is when you get it home you will see ….WOW!  It goes with many other items in your wardrobe.



Your STAR COLOURS in your palette are your very best colours to compliment your personal Skin, Hair and Eye Colours – these are the three colours I recommend you start with to add to your selection .. and build round them – you will instantly begin to see and feel the true benefit of wearing your own personal STAR COLOURS!!  Enjoy!




This is a perfect example of finding an accessory – a wrap in the Colours of your palette!!


Separate your suits – pants, skirts, jackets and colour coordinate – this way you will get more use out of each item by coordinating them with other clothes in your closet.

Nothing to wear concept, young woman deciding what to put on


Now you have your Personal Colours Sorted – do you need some assistance on Style and how to sort out your closet??
How many times have you stood in a fitting room asking yourself – does this look good on me? Is it the right Colour, Line, Shape, Length?


What about?  Will it go with items in your current  wardrobe?  Do you have to purchase something else to go with it?  It is on sale ….  How many times does that influence your decision.

How many mistakes do you have hanging in your wardrobe?

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Have you thought about how much money you have wasted?


Well we have the solution!!

We have prepared a step by step Portfolio to assist you in making the right choices, depending on your own personal Face, and Body Shape.

Plus, we will teach you what Style Expression you are!

For example: Does your style reflect Town and Country, Dramatic, Classic, Romantic, Creative?  Or a mixture of several expressions – this means you are sending mixed messages.  By knowing your Style Expression it will cut out the confusion and make building a co-ordinated wardrobe super easy.  Check out this link for more information.



But wait!  It does not stop there … in order to achieve a completely Colour Co-ordinated look – you need to have the correct Colour Cosmetics depending on your Skin tone and Season!  What is the point in spending money on clothes if you are wearing the wrong foundation for example – you will not achieve that radiance without the correct colour of cosmetics.

We have made it easy for you – Our Foundations are all categorized into Warm and Cool – so for example if you are a Spring or Autumn – you are Warm, foundations are Yellow and Peach based.  If you are Summer or Winter – you are Cool, foundations are Pink and Neutral based.   We researched round the world to find a manufacturer who could supply us top quality products that are: Hypoallergenic, Allergy tested, Non- comediogencic, Fragrance free, do not contain Parabens, and are not Tested on Animals.

You can shop for our Colour by Dezine Foundations HERE: 


All our cosmetics are Colour Co-ordinated into Seasons – so you can shop With Confidence within your Season.  These are high quality Colour Cosmetics that not only perform to the highest standard but also do not contain any harmful ingredients.  All our Colour by Dezine Cosmetics are Paraben Free, Gluten Free, and Cruelty Free.
You can Shop by Season HERE:       but-learnmore


Skin Care Botanicals by – Natural by Dezine – Flawless finish created by Colour by Dezine Foundations – Lipstick and Colour by Colour by Dezine Cosmetics.

Get started with our wonderful Natural by Dezine Skincare and Colour by Dezine Cosmetics with this 20% discount voucher

 Just use this code:  Get20off  on checkout valid until the 31st of March 


Does Your Colour Season Change As You Age?

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Does Your Colour Season Change As You Age?

How does your Season/Colours change as you age? 

What happens when your hair goes grey?

What happens as your skin becomes lighter? 

Do you start out as one Season and then change?

Can you Change from this Summer Palette  …. to the opposite Winter Palette?

3c586f3cb0c18deaa44596365572589cb9abe7a011ce4ea5716d5ddfe23895e9 (1)











Or this Spring Palette…. to the opposite Autumn Palette?









The answer is NO.


The Skin undertone and Season you were born with is the one you will always have.  The only issue would be if you had been incorrectly analyised in the first place.   As colour analysis has evolved over the past twenty plus years or so  – you may have been analyised,  because of the limitations of the system/process at the time of your original analysis, incorrectly.   This does not mean your season has changed – it just that the new systems are far more advanced  in making a correct analysis.

banner-2015-2-web miniWith Colour by Dezine® you cannot be a mixture of two seasons – your colours are selected according to your personal SKIN, HAIR AND EYE COLOUR – this is what makes our system unique – Your personal palette of Colours is prepared personally for you!  No Pre-made palettes – we have over 15,000 possible combinations of palettes in our system.

Changing your colour preferences  (through the years) is normal – as sometimes as we age we may feel the need to leave certain (usually the brighter and darker) colours behind us, and stick with the softer colours in our personal palette. However, you can still use these brighter and darker colours for “Accents” to great effect!  Just because you are getting a little older it is definitely not necessary to abandon your favorite Brights and Darks in your palette !

However, having said that … it is a fact that our skin tone does change as we age, but it does not change our season.  Using the softer colours close to your skin will certainly flatter.  As we age the level of contrast in our skintone, the softening of hair colour – with the reduction of pigmentation or going grey, and the depth of colour in our eyes and lips, does come into play.

With your Hair colour – be sure to lighten as you age – if you were very dark originally and now are going grey but wish to colour your hair do make sure you colour to a medium blonde to light brown. Winters and Summers can look stunning with Grey/White hair!   With Warms (Spring and Autumns) will look younger if they keep their hair in with warm tones rather than going grey.

Need guidance? – the best way to be certain is to visit your consultant and have your colours reassessed – but there is no reason to abandon your favorites.

If you do not have a consultant near you please visit our amazing Free Online Colour Analysis App to determine your own personal colours – assistance is just a Click away – and if you require further assistance just contact us – we are here to help you become a more Colour Confidant You!

Just click on the image below and it will take you to our “Discover your Colours” Page.

banner2-discover-your-colours large

Are These Dangerous Toxins In Your Skincare?

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Are These Dangerous Toxins In Your Skincare?

vie quotidienne

Take a look at the label on your products

  • Methyl, Propyl, Butyl, and Ethyl Paraben
  • Propylene Glycol
  • DMDM Hydrantoin
  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate
  • Synethic Colours and Fragrances
  • Triethanolamine (TEA)
  • Diethanolamine (DEA)
  • Imidazolidinykl Urea and Diazolidinyl Urea (also called Germall II and Germall 115),  Behentrimonumn Chloride

These common skin care ingredients are a toxic collection of petroleum byproducts, chemicals and sulfates that cause allergic reactions – but also it is important to know – everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body and ends up in your blood stream!! The medical world already knows this. That is why so many medications are now available in patch form. The same way your skin soaks up the medicine in patches, it also absorbs the ingredients of the products you put on your skin – including the toxic ones, and that can cause health problems at a later date. Also.. these harsh ingredients in your skincare can also destroy your complexion – and make you look years older.

This is why we are so passionate about the ingredients in all Natural by Dezine Skin Care Products. (more…)

What Is Your Colour Self Portrait?

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What Is Your Colour Self Portrait?

Did you know that the colours that you are drawn to are an Interpretation for your Self Portrait – What is your favorite Colour?

Group of two beautiful shopping women trying on clothes at shopping mall indoors

The Colour you have chosen to represent you acknowledges your image strengths


Autumn Woman Portrait. Beauty Fashion Model GirlORANGE – You see yourself as: Competent, action-oriented, organised, impatient.

Orange is the colour of form and design.  Your energy is high, and as a warm colour, you are sometimes restless.  Yet your competence and capabilities to organise are unmatched by any other colour.

An architect or engineer, a designer or marketer -you will find your niche in these professions.  You are the greatest self-starter and motivator.  To get the job done is your goal, for your energy always requires a direction.

You like form and structure around you because you are very conscious of design.  No messy homes or offices for you, for they make you feel ‘down’.  You flow straight as an arrow when focused.

Like the sun at dawn, you give purpose to all who know you!  After all, aren’t you the resource fuel of life, the colour of fire, and the energy warmth of humankind?


Woman red dress portrait isolated on white background. Smiling beautiful girl. Female model.RED – Ambitious, energetic, courageous, extroverted.

For your identity colour you have chosen the flashiest and most dramatic of all colours.

Physical or emotional, ’very human’ is another name for you.  You can be dynamic and direct but also generous.  You, red, have a strong character and love to be active and competitive.

You are solid in knowing what you want, and usually win.

If a female, you have a tendency to react quickly and emotionally, not always objectively.  As a male who chooses red, you like to be out in front, often in politics, for you enjoy accolades from others.  Some people call you a gladiator, some call you a leader.  As a leader, you have the ability and energy to move forward positively.

You are red, you are first, the Adam and Eve of society, the sexiest of all.  You have strength, courage and conviction rights, as wanting equal justice for all.


Shopping woman holding bags, isolated on white studio background

YELLOW – Communicative, expressive, social, people-oriented.

You have selected yellow, the colour of the universal communicator.  You love your mouth.  Sometimes you talk too much, but the entire world listens to your sharing.

At times you’re happy, at times you’re funny, and you’re always good at sales.  When you learn to listen, many see you as the great counsellor, as you are sought for your talents to advise.  The Egyptians and Mayans worshipped you, the colour of the sun, for your power to sustain life.

You are bright and expressive and give warmth to many.  You’re the life of the party, the best friend of man and the voice of the country.  Be the shining light for others.  Hold on to your personal energy though –  it can be wasted, especially when your questions run away with you.


Beautiful girl showing purple manicure and stylish jewelryPURPLE – Intuitive, feelingful, regal, spiritual

Purple or violet is the most intuitive of all colours.  Like the amethyst, you are spiritual and thoughtful.  Intuition is your name, for you are very gifted.

Sometimes you are shy and hiding like the violet, other times noble and regal as the ruler.

But always, you have high values for yourself and others.  You prefer to look up rather than down.  Because of your sensitivity, you have difficulty in trusting others completely.

Some call you spiritual others call you religious.  Whatever you are called, your faith will always see you through.  You have the gift of feeling; not only for yourself, but you can help others to find their way.   Always listen to yourself, for you are truly a gem of grace.


Young beautiful woman in blue dress sitting on swing background of white brick wall

BLUE – Intelligent, executive, responsible, self reliant.

You have chosen the colour that identifies as the wisest of all colours.  You could be a judge, executive, or a business manager, for you enjoy decision-making.

Those with a blue personality are hopeless romantic, and unshakable idealists.  They can’t stand the atrocities that happen in the world, so they turn instead to the hope and faith inside their hearts to keep them going.

You are very sensitive, but don’t let too many people see it.  You are also very calm, and enjoy being around water, as this relaxes them more than anything else,  You have deep connection to nature, and spend time outdoors whenever you feel imbalanced.

You have chosen the colour that identifies as the wisest of all colours.  You could be a judge, executive, or a business manager, for you enjoy decision-making.

Your balance is your heart, so stay in touch with your feelings.  They will guide you to the needs of yourself as well as to the sensitivity of others.


Sguardo di ragazza con giacca fuxiaPINK – Affectionate, loving, compassionate, sympathetic.

You have chosen the most loving of colours.  Your heart and your emotions are your strength.  As a light pastel, you are soft and gentle.  Your weakness surfaces only when you know not how to close your heart.  Yet when hot pink is your identity colour, you become as strong as a red.

You may find your vulnerabilities in not recognising your emotionally draining friends.

Mum or Dad of society are your claims to fame.   Responsibility for others is your game.  Because you are a combination of red and white, you energise others as the nurturer and rescuer.

Lover,  sweetheart and rose, you assert love, the universal.


Beautiful girl model in a green dress

GREEN – Benevolent, humanistic, service-oriented, scientific.

As a green identity, you have the strongest interest in the healing arts.  You are usually found serving and aiding others in humanistic ways.

Your compassion always surrounds the wanting, as well as those who are less fortunate than you.  You have good perception and awareness about most things, but you don’t appreciate sudden surprises.  You are too stable to have your boat unexpectedly rocked.

 When your shade is a darker green, you love to be recognised for your superior mind, which enjoys details and balanced ledger sheets.  Some call you a healer, yet some may call you a scientist.  As a practitioner, your skills are unequalled, for you can usually see clearly into any situation.  Health and balance are your goals, for you would like to discover life’s hidden secrets as well as return the earth and all its inhabitants to natural harmony.

BLUE-GREEN (TEAL) – Idealistic, faithful, sentimental, inventive.rsz_tumblr_m8ticrlmhd1rc8bzco1_1280

The colour of the ocean, of the trees wet with rain, or the coolness of sparkling brooks—you flow with movement and self contained energy.

If you have chosen blue green (teal) for identity, others find you hopeful, optimistic, believing and trusting.  You have more than enough faith and hope, for you trust yourself and others.

Professionally you’ll be found in the helping arts of the mind or spirit and often behind a podium.

Your contemporary acceptance in today’s colour world enable you as royalty hue to give faith to others.  Not green, the healer, not blue, the intellectual; but a combination of the qualities of both, you are!

Some seek you for enlightenment, others for practical insight; for whoever seeks you, you offer inner calmness. Faith is your middle name.


Young blond woman in brown jacket and white jeans. Girl posing on a beige background. Jewelry and hairstyle. Fashion photoBROWN – Honest, down-to-earth, supportive, structured.

You have identified as brown, the colour of the earth.  You are supportive and stable like a rock.

Others see you as secure, some call you strength;  you exhibit  “lean on me” properties.  You always bring everything into order,  for you have the gift of inner security.

Honesty is your high virtue, as you have no time for exaggeration and frills.  Your only vulnerability appears when you can’t express yourself.  You like to be heard.

Similar to the farmer and earth guardian, you find your professions close to nature.  You like working with your hands.

Secure, supportive and dexterous, you belong to the country.  For you are the machine that helps grow—and the protector of the earth.


599851b614aea168e96763ac636fe700BLACK – Disciplined, strong -willed, independent, opinionated.

If you have identified as the colour black, you appear disciplined and protective of yourself.  Black is powerful, black is mighty, but black can also be closed to light and openness.  Sometimes black can be used for strength, sometimes for protection, but black can image a barrier between you and others.

You may not desire to share but to stay locked alone in your world.  Yet, you can be the favourite outfit to go any place or can mix and match with any colour.  You give a strong, authoritative image of yourself.

But if you’ve chosen black because of being despondent or down, open the door and let the sunshine in. Come to us for help! You might just find a rainbow waiting with a pot of love and rewards.


htb17vonkfxxxxb2axxxq6xxfxxxjWHITE –  Individualistic, egocentric, lonely, having low self esteem.

White is another achromatic that seeks to find other colours of the rainbow.  When you choose it as your identity colour, you are probably going through a transition.

White is universal and abstract, a new idea without form.  You are the ego, the individual, the wanderer, but forever alone.  You have selected simplistic and pure colour, but one that reaches out for recognition.

Combined with red, mixed with blue, or as an additive to any colour you will change your hue.  You search for your own truth, don’t escape your own abstraction.

Come out to play, join with others to make a colourful array. Some may call you a loner, but don’t be alone for you really desire a family and identity to belong to.


Want to know more?  Check out our previous posts on


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We Have Christmas All Wrapped Up!

Fran Muntz

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We Have Christmas All Wrapped Up!

70c42f73b2ee3e8a30e849b5d19f3230Why go searching the stores for your loved ones when you can have the advantage of shopping on line for all your beauty needs.

We provide Natural Solutions for Effective Skin Care and Colour coordinated Cosmetics (with no Nasty ingredients ) plus,  NOT  tested on Animals♥

You have a wide variety of awesome products to choose from that would be appreciated by anyone as a excellent gift.

Lets start with Botanicals  – Jojoba Anti- Ageing Serum (Liquid Gold)

Here’s some information about the product –
Botanicals Jojoba Anit-Ageing Serum (Liquid Gold!)
♥ 100% Natural ♥ 100% Vegan ♥ 100% Gentle ♥ Organic ♥ 100% New Zealand Made from plant based Ingredients ♥ Not Tested on AnimalsJojoba Master -rect

♥ Anti Aging
♥ Improves Collagen
♥ Soothing and Penetrating
♥ Luxurious – like Silk!
♥ Stunning Fragrance of Rosa Damascena
♥ You will experience instant benefits
♥ Beautiful dropper Bottle
♥ Only $39.95 + Shipping (Worldwide)
♥ Click to Purchase   HERE

Customer Review
“Thank you for this product. I have very dry skin, and this feels lovely on my skin. I am enjoying using it and feel results already on my face responding to the treatment of this serum. The service has been wonderful with my product arriving very quickly.”
“Such a lovely serum, feels lovely, smells lovely; and leaves your skin feeling amazing. Fully recommend this!”
First impressions
Natural by Dezine Jojoba Anti-Ageing Serum.

掌の上のバラFirst off the packaging is quite sweet and has a lot of information on its labeling. A larger 40ml bottle compared to the smaller 10ml bottles of similar products you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck!
This is a 100% NZ made, vegan and cruelty free plant based product containing some organic NZ grown ingredients.
Jojoba is the main ingredient but other ingredients include Argan oil, Borage seed oil, pomegranate oil, Betaine olive ester, sea buckthorn oil and rose oil.


I followed my usual routine tonight. I cleansed with Micellar water and toned my face and neck.
I applied 4 drops of the jojoba anti-ageing serum to my hand and dotted this around my face then massaged in. I added another 2 drops to my neck.
I allowed the product to sink in to my skin before applying my night moisturiser.

The first thing I noticed about this product was its scent. It’s perfumed but not offensive. The aroma is a combination of rose and something else, perhaps the jojoba?
Even with the small amount I applied, once warmed up on the skin it covered my entire face so that has to be good, a little clearly goes a long way.

After about a minute of the oil being on my skin I noticed a little bit of itchiness on my neck which calmed down after another minute or so. This could be due to it being a new product on my skin so I will check for this after tomorrow mornings application.

2nd PROGRESS REPORT for Jojoba anti-ageing serum from Natural by Dezinehome-botanicals

Just thought I would throw in a quick update 1 week into my trial of this wee gem.

All I can say is “where have you been all my life?”
My skin is the best it has been in years.

Granted, I have been blessed with some fairly hydrated genes but I have definitely noticed some dulling, “creasing”, patchiness and uneven skin tone since officially hitting old age- 40!

BUT I really feel like there is a wee bit of an age rewind happening! Even hubby commented this morning “you’re looking quite young” which was pretty cool since he doesn’t know I’m even using this new product ♥☺️

I still feel like I’m noticing a reduction in the hyper pigmentation, but I’m still prepared to reserve judgement on that!

What else I’m noticing is how beautifully my foundation is applying. Dry patches that would usually trap product, have cleared and my pores don’t seem to be as noticeable as they were before.

Happy little camper right here!

Jojoba Anti-ageing Serum, Natural by Dezine botanicals skin care
My skin is feeling amazeballs!!! Only on day four since I started trialing the serum and I can believe the difference in the feel and texture of my skin already♥

I have been using twice a day, once in the morning and then again in the evening. I follow my usual routine of cleansing, toning, then the serum and moisturiser. With the added addition of eye cream in the morning.
My skin is feeling so hydrated and even feels like it could be firming up a little, is that possible after four days?

Another thing that I think I’m noticing is the hyper pigmentation patches on my face seem to be fading. I can’t be 100% on that so I will reserve my opinion on that for now but between you and me, I really think it’s happening♥😊

The itchy sensation I felt the first time I used this hasn’t happened again so my guess it was the introduction of a new product into my routine.
The fragrance is growing on me now and it’s actually quite lovely. Once the oil has sunk into the skin, the smell seems to disappear anyway.
Happy with the results so far with no cons at all!!

The final word!
Review for Jojoba Anti-ageing Serum from Natural by Dezine
The 2 week trial is up. I don’t think I have too much more to add to my previous gushing reports on this product, this stuff is the shizzle!!!

I don’t know how the creator of this product managed to get all of mother natures awesomeness in one bottle, but I really have to give her credit where credit is due (or should the credit be going to Mrs Nature herself?). Anyway, my skin is glowing, smoothed, hydrated and happy. My period came and went without a zit in sight although I’m not sure if I should be thanking the serum for that or not but y’know, sometimes timing is everything!!

Will I be ordering another bottle?
Ummm hell yes!!! 

And here is how you can order yours: Only $39.95
Botanicals Jojoba Anti-Ageing Serum (Liquid Gold!)

♥ 100% Natural ♥ 100% Vegan ♥ 100% Gentle ♥ Organic ♥ 100% New Zealand Made from plant based Ingredients

♥ Not Tested on Animals
♥ Anti Aging
♥ Improves Collagen
♥ Soothing and Penetrating
♥ Luxurious – like Silk!
♥ Stunning Fragrance of Rosa Damascena
♥ You will experience instant benefits
♥ Beautiful dropper Bottle
♥ Only $39.95 + Shipping (Worldwide)

Review by:Dom Mallard

Fantastic Positive Review – This product is an excellent gift for absolutely everyone – Male and Female 

So be sure to not only order for your loved ones, but spread the word to your friends about this very special

“Liquid Gold”

While you are sorting your order be sure to have a good look at our website and see what other awesome products you can have for your Xmas Shopping – Save the stress of the Malls and shop from home!



The Power Of Healing Music With Wholetones

Fran Muntz

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The Power Of Healing Music With Wholetones


I have been passionate about Natural Skin Care, Toxin Free Cosmetics and Natural Health for a long time, and along the way my quest has been to find Products and Natural Solutions to every day issues that I can share with my customers and followers – and during this search I found Wholetones, and I am excited to share these with you!

Living in Christchurch New Zealand and having experienced the devastation of Major Earthquakes back in 2010 and subsequent 14,741 quakes and continuing aftershocks, plus the damage and upheaval to our city – which is still ongoing today.  Everyone was living in very stressful situations which took it’s toll, on the body and the mind.

This is when I came across Wholetones  Healing Frequency Music  by renowned musician, author and speaker Michael S. Tyrrel. These 7 amazing Musical Tones that are found to RELIEVE STRESS.. PROMOTE HEALING, BREAK NEGATIVE CYCLES AND RESTORE SOUND SLEEP IN MINUTES …


O.K. how does this work you are probably thinking???  Before I tell you how – let me tell you it does!  We have a CD player set up in our bedroom and every night play one one the tunes as going to sleep.  I never hear the end of the track!!  It works like a charm, relaxes the body – and the mind – stops working the brain from working overtime and you just slip into a restful sleep.

All the stresses just seem to fade away,  we have two beautiful little Bichon Puppies, Bella and Cindy (who sleep on our bed – yes, I know, spoilt rotten!)  When we received the Wholetones Music  the ground was still shaking so badly, and they were traumatized, it calmed them right down and they have continued to have a beautiful restful sleep –  You can use this music during the day – everyday choose the track depending on what you need help with!



The benefit of these beautiful tunes are not only for a restful sleep, but you can choose the track for specific healing for you.  Listen to a sample of these amazing amazing tunes below



THE MANmichael-tyrrell

Michael Tyrrell is the man behind the Wholetones music project.  When we received the CD’s and the music – I then went searching for all the videos he has featured in.  Plus reading a lot about him – which, you can find online.  I came to the opinion he is a unique human being, and I am proud to be able to share his talent with you and encourage you to share what you experience when you have your own Wholetones music to make such a difference in your life.

Perhaps you don’t see yourself a particularly religious, that is not an issue – don’t let this cloud your opinion of what these beautiful melodies can do for you.

The 7 Secret Frequencies Uncovered in the Music of King David…and the People Convinced of its Incredible Healing Effects…


What if I told you that you could have the power to heal yourself and your loved ones with the gift of music…

Without dangerous drugs…without expensive (and dangerous) surgeries…and absolutely without spending your life in a hospital!

Would that be okay with you?

Great! Because here’s a synopsis of today’s safest, most powerful, and creative modality of health that you’ve ever seen.

Simply by listening daily to this music you could…

1. Wipe out your unhealthy fears, drop feelings of guilt and shame, and show you how you can help restore your liver, brain, and kidney functions…(TUNES 1, 396Hz)

2. Remove the recurring, negative cycles in your life like procrastination, addiction, and junk food…watch as sluggishness and lethargy disappear and productivity and creativity increase…enhance your digestion, ease stomach issues, balance your metabolism, and erase headaches and lower back pain…(TUNES 2, 417Hz)

3. Discover the Master Key that precipitates all other frequencies. You’ll feel soothed by its multiple health benefits as you’re tenderly enveloped in peace. This is the very same frequency David used to soothe King Saul’s depression…(TUNES 3, 444Hz )

4. Hear the most curious frequency of all… it has the power to relax you… transform your stress into peaceful bliss. Creating the ideal environment for your body to repair hormonal imbalances, ease muscle tension, and release troubles of circulation… (TUNES 4, 528Hz)

5. Enjoy the fostering of peace and forgiveness in all your relationships. Also known to positively affect the endocrine system – particularly gall bladder and adrenal issues…(TUNES 5, 639Hz)

6. Gain a keen awareness of your very own spirit in this powerful yet delicately performed miracle of healing. Experience deep spiritual and emotional healing while cleansing your immune system of common infections. Super-charge your circulatory system to support your healthy heart and blood flow…(TUNES 6, 741Hz)

7. Revel in the frequency that celebrates the King of Kings. Purely spiritual – connect in the worship of God, His love for humankind, and His return to those who await Him…(TUNES 7, 852Hz)

You can have the choice of Hard Copy CD’s or Downloadable Version – depending on the package you purchase.


Plus, when you visit the link below – you will be able to hear samples of these beautiful tunes and how they can be beneficial to you and your health.




After you click through the link above, to read more about Wholetones and purchase one of the Wholetones packages please come back and leave a comment below – we look forward to hearing about your experiences with Wholetones Music

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