Video Natural Makeup Look Tutorial

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Video Natural Makeup Look Tutorial

If you are looking for an awesome “Natural look” tutorial then this is the video for you – Bonita “The Face of Beauty for You”  takes you step by step through the whole process to create a lovely natural look.  You will love her easy relaxed manner and the finished effect – Be sure to let us know your comments and give Bonita a big thumbs up.

Products used: Colour by Dezine Cosmetics: Original Natural Look: Foundation: HiDef N4, Perfect Concealer: PC2, Transulcent Loose Powder: Light Beige, Mineral Foundation: PN3, Brow Definer: Dark Brown, Eye Shadow: Crush on You, Colour: Chocolate Kisses, Eyeliner: Mineral Brow Pencil – Dark Brown, Mascara: Super Lash Black, Blush Contor: Cedarwood, Lipgloss Lilic Mist.

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Video – Black Verses Navy

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Video – Black Verses Navy

Black verses Navy Debate – Video


Beautiful Russian girl in a chic winter coat6e0cad0748fce21339e38f8ba0049ad9












With Cooler days approaching and thoughts go to our Winter wardrobe, it is time to think about the items we need to add.  Yesterday, I spent time round the malls, and it is disappointing to see so much Black in the shops, you can walk in the door of a boutique and scan the racks and see only a touch of colour included in all the black.  What is this fixation with Black? – it can be so depressing!



Winter Fashion look woman. Black coat, hat and handbag.isolated on light blue background.














We are passionate about Colour!

It is uplifting, stimulating, draws people to you, and just makes you feel good and good to be around!  Try and put less black in your wardrobe – soften your look with NAVY!

Plus be sure to accessorize with COLOUR!


and yes, I know the old saying – Black is Slimming – but so is NAVY!  and it is just that much softer reflection on the skin.  I have put together a video for you to see the difference between Black and Navy – that I hope will encourage you seek out and find some great pieces by adding some Navy to your wardrobe – Also do check out the Psychology of Colour Black verses Navy Below

Enjoy – and do tell me what you think!

Psychology of Colour

Colour – BLACK

Black is the absence of colour due to the total absorption of light.

Psychological Power of Black

Positive Attributes: Authoritative, formal, sophisticated, mysterious, strong.

Negative Attributes: Mournful, aloof, negative, lifeless.

Wearing Black for Emotional and Physical Impact

As a sign of respect particularly in bereavement but also in cultures with different social and moral attitudes toward women (for example, in Muslim countries).
For bold impact and contrast with one other colour, as when wearing black skirt and red jacket.
To keep people at a distance; we don’t readily approach someone dressed in black.
In the evening, for dinner parties or formal occasions, if your objective is to play safe and not stand out. The little black dress may be the easiest option but it doesn’t enhance your chances of being noticed unless it’s in your colour palette.
If it’s in your colours, for lingerie in the finest fabric you can afford and the most alluring design to complement your body.
When to Avoid Wearing Black

If you enjoy people and like them to open-up to you; especially true if dealing with the elderly or children.
At a wedding black is somber, stately not joyous.
Near the face unless you have the strength of natural colouring to handle it.
On television, it’s an instant decapitator and appears heavy. Viewers’ eyes are drawn down from your face to what you are wearing.
If you haven’t much time for personal grooming, black shows every speck of dust, cat hair and piece of fluff.
Colour – BLUE

Includes: NAVY, True, royal, clear and medium blues; however, not pale pastel versions or aquas.

Psychological Power of Blue

Positive Attributes: Loyalty, restraint, gentleness, serenity.

Peaceful, trustworthy, constant, orderly. Good communication colour.

Negative Attributes: ‘Holier than Thou’, tiresome, predictable, conservative.

Wearing Blue for Emotional and Physical Impact:

The deepest blues project the most authority – just think of the uniform worn by police. If you want to look like the woman in charge, a navy or deep blue suit usually does the trick.
Mid-tone blues produce the right effect on the potential mothers-in-law, inspiring confidence that you’ll take care of her little boy.
On television, the mid-tone blues are the most ‘media-friendly’.
When to Avoid Wearing Blue:

Making a creative pitch in PR, advertising, design or marketing. Blue and creativity are not generally felt to be synonymous.
At a conference of bankers, lawyers, accountants or insurance salesmen, unless your objective is not to stand out.
For a school reunion when you want to project success and confidence.
Note: Psychology of colour exerts printed with permission from the publisher – The complete Style Guide by Mary Spillane, Published by Piaktus Books Ltd


To learn more visit:

What Is Your Colour Self Portrait?

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What Is Your Colour Self Portrait?

Did you know that the colours that you are drawn to are an Interpretation for your Self Portrait – What is your favorite Colour?

Group of two beautiful shopping women trying on clothes at shopping mall indoors

The Colour you have chosen to represent you acknowledges your image strengths


Autumn Woman Portrait. Beauty Fashion Model GirlORANGE – You see yourself as: Competent, action-oriented, organised, impatient.

Orange is the colour of form and design.  Your energy is high, and as a warm colour, you are sometimes restless.  Yet your competence and capabilities to organise are unmatched by any other colour.

An architect or engineer, a designer or marketer -you will find your niche in these professionsYou are the greatest self-starter and motivator.  To get the job done is your goal, for your energy always requires a direction.

You like form and structure around you because you are very conscious of design.  No messy homes or offices for you, for they make you feel ‘down’.  You flow straight as an arrow when focused.

Like the sun at dawn, you give purpose to all who know you!  After all, aren’t you the resource fuel of life, the colour of fire, and the energy warmth of humankind?


Woman red dress portrait isolated on white background. Smiling beautiful girl. Female model.RED – Ambitious, energetic, courageous, extroverted.

For your identity colour you have chosen the flashiest and most dramatic of all colours.

Physical or emotional, ’very human’ is another name for you.  You can be dynamic and direct but also generous.  You, red, have a strong character and love to be active and competitive.

You are solid in knowing what you want, and usually win.

If a female, you have a tendency to react quickly and emotionally, not always objectively.  As a male who chooses red, you like to be out in front, often in politics, for you enjoy accolades from others.  Some people call you a gladiator, some call you a leader.  As a leader, you have the ability and energy to move forward positively.

You are red, you are first, the Adam and Eve of society, the sexiest of all.  You have strength, courage and conviction rights, as wanting equal justice for all.


Shopping woman holding bags, isolated on white studio background

YELLOW – Communicative, expressive, social, people-oriented.

You have selected yellow, the colour of the universal communicatorYou love your mouth.  Sometimes you talk too much, but the entire world listens to your sharing.

At times you’re happy, at times you’re funny, and you’re always good at sales.  When you learn to listen, many see you as the great counsellor, as you are sought for your talents to advise.  The Egyptians and Mayans worshipped you, the colour of the sun, for your power to sustain life.

You are bright and expressive and give warmth to many.  You’re the life of the party, the best friend of man and the voice of the country.  Be the shining light for others.  Hold on to your personal energy though –  it can be wasted, especially when your questions run away with you.


Beautiful girl showing purple manicure and stylish jewelryPURPLE – Intuitive, feelingful, regal, spiritual

Purple or violet is the most intuitive of all colours.  Like the amethyst, you are spiritual and thoughtful.  Intuition is your name, for you are very gifted.

Sometimes you are shy and hiding like the violet, other times noble and regal as the ruler.

But always, you have high values for yourself and others.  You prefer to look up rather than down.  Because of your sensitivity, you have difficulty in trusting others completely.

Some call you spiritual others call you religious.  Whatever you are called, your faith will always see you through.  You have the gift of feeling; not only for yourself, but you can help others to find their way.   Always listen to yourself, for you are truly a gem of grace.


Young beautiful woman in blue dress sitting on swing background of white brick wall

BLUE – Intelligent, executive, responsible, self reliant.

You have chosen the colour that identifies as the wisest of all colours.  You could be a judge, executive, or a business manager, for you enjoy decision-making.

Those with a blue personality are hopeless romantic, and unshakable idealists.  They can’t stand the atrocities that happen in the world, so they turn instead to the hope and faith inside their hearts to keep them going.

You are very sensitive, but don’t let too many people see it.  You are also very calm, and enjoy being around water, as this relaxes them more than anything else,  You have deep connection to nature, and spend time outdoors whenever you feel imbalanced.

You have chosen the colour that identifies as the wisest of all colours.  You could be a judge, executive, or a business manager, for you enjoy decision-making.

Your balance is your heart, so stay in touch with your feelings.  They will guide you to the needs of yourself as well as to the sensitivity of others.


Sguardo di ragazza con giacca fuxiaPINK – Affectionate, loving, compassionate, sympathetic.

You have chosen the most loving of colours.  Your heart and your emotions are your strength.  As a light pastel, you are soft and gentle.  Your weakness surfaces only when you know not how to close your heart.  Yet when hot pink is your identity colour, you become as strong as a red.

You may find your vulnerabilities in not recognising your emotionally draining friends.

Mum or Dad of society are your claims to fame.   Responsibility for others is your game.  Because you are a combination of red and white, you energise others as the nurturer and rescuer.

Lover,  sweetheart and rose, you assert love, the universal.


Beautiful girl model in a green dress

GREEN – Benevolent, humanistic, service-oriented, scientific.

As a green identity, you have the strongest interest in the healing arts.  You are usually found serving and aiding others in humanistic ways.

Your compassion always surrounds the wanting, as well as those who are less fortunate than you.  You have good perception and awareness about most things, but you don’t appreciate sudden surprises.  You are too stable to have your boat unexpectedly rocked.

 When your shade is a darker green, you love to be recognised for your superior mind, which enjoys details and balanced ledger sheets.  Some call you a healer, yet some may call you a scientist.  As a practitioner, your skills are unequalled, for you can usually see clearly into any situation.  Health and balance are your goals, for you would like to discover life’s hidden secrets as well as return the earth and all its inhabitants to natural harmony.

BLUE-GREEN (TEAL) – Idealistic, faithful, sentimental, inventive.rsz_tumblr_m8ticrlmhd1rc8bzco1_1280

The colour of the ocean, of the trees wet with rain, or the coolness of sparkling brooks—you flow with movement and self contained energy.

If you have chosen blue green (teal) for identity, others find you hopeful, optimistic, believing and trusting.  You have more than enough faith and hope, for you trust yourself and others.

Professionally you’ll be found in the helping arts of the mind or spirit and often behind a podium.

Your contemporary acceptance in today’s colour world enable you as royalty hue to give faith to others.  Not green, the healer, not blue, the intellectual; but a combination of the qualities of both, you are!

Some seek you for enlightenment, others for practical insight; for whoever seeks you, you offer inner calmness. Faith is your middle name.


Young blond woman in brown jacket and white jeans. Girl posing on a beige background. Jewelry and hairstyle. Fashion photoBROWN – Honest, down-to-earth, supportive, structured.

You have identified as brown, the colour of the earth.  You are supportive and stable like a rock.

Others see you as secure, some call you strength;  you exhibit  “lean on me” properties.  You always bring everything into order,  for you have the gift of inner security.

Honesty is your high virtue, as you have no time for exaggeration and frills.  Your only vulnerability appears when you can’t express yourself.  You like to be heard.

Similar to the farmer and earth guardian, you find your professions close to nature.  You like working with your hands.

Secure, supportive and dexterous, you belong to the country.  For you are the machine that helps grow—and the protector of the earth.


599851b614aea168e96763ac636fe700BLACK – Disciplined, strong -willed, independent, opinionated.

If you have identified as the colour black, you appear disciplined and protective of yourself.  Black is powerful, black is mighty, but black can also be closed to light and openness.  Sometimes black can be used for strength, sometimes for protection, but black can image a barrier between you and others.

You may not desire to share but to stay locked alone in your world.  Yet, you can be the favourite outfit to go any place or can mix and match with any colour.  You give a strong, authoritative image of yourself.

But if you’ve chosen black because of being despondent or down, open the door and let the sunshine in. Come to us for help! You might just find a rainbow waiting with a pot of love and rewards.


htb17vonkfxxxxb2axxxq6xxfxxxjWHITE –  Individualistic, egocentric, lonely, having low self esteem.

White is another achromatic that seeks to find other colours of the rainbow.  When you choose it as your identity colour, you are probably going through a transition.

White is universal and abstract, a new idea without form.  You are the ego, the individual, the wanderer, but forever alone.  You have selected simplistic and pure colour, but one that reaches out for recognition.

Combined with red, mixed with blue, or as an additive to any colour you will change your hue.  You search for your own truth, don’t escape your own abstraction.

Come out to play, join with others to make a colourful array. Some may call you a loner, but don’t be alone for you really desire a family and identity to belong to.


Want to know more?  Check out our previous posts on


Beauty for You is- Your leading Colour, Beauty and Cosmetic Company for women who want high quality products, with superior ingredients and Colour Coordinated Cosmetics.



Be sure to check out our Discover Your Colours” Free On Line Colour Analysis App, and you will see that –


We are the leaders in assisting you achieve a Co-ordinated Colour and Style Image

Does Your Colour Season Change As You Age?

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Does Your Colour Season Change As You Age?

How does your Season/Colours change as you age? 

What happens when your hair goes grey?

What happens as your skin becomes lighter? 

Do you start out as one Season and then change?

Can you Change from this Summer Palette  …. to the opposite Winter Palette?

3c586f3cb0c18deaa44596365572589cb9abe7a011ce4ea5716d5ddfe23895e9 (1)











Or this Spring Palette…. to the opposite Autumn Palette?









The answer is NO.


The Skin undertone and Season you were born with is the one you will always have.  The only issue would be if you had been incorrectly analyised in the first place.   As colour analysis has evolved over the past twenty plus years or so  – you may have been analyised,  because of the limitations of the system/process at the time of your original analysis, incorrectly.   This does not mean your season has changed – it just that the new systems are far more advanced  in making a correct analysis.

banner-2015-2-web miniWith Colour by Dezine® you cannot be a mixture of two seasons – your colours are selected according to your personal SKIN, HAIR AND EYE COLOUR – this is what makes our system unique – Your personal palette of Colours is prepared personally for you!  No Pre-made palettes – we have over 15,000 possible combinations of palettes in our system.

Changing your colour preferences  (through the years) is normal – as sometimes as we age we may feel the need to leave certain (usually the brighter and darker) colours behind us, and stick with the softer colours in our personal palette. However, you can still use these brighter and darker colours for “Accents” to great effect!  Just because you are getting a little older it is definitely not necessary to abandon your favorite Brights and Darks in your palette !

However, having said that … it is a fact that our skin tone does change as we age, but it does not change our season.  Using the softer colours close to your skin will certainly flatter.  As we age the level of contrast in our skintone, the softening of hair colour – with the reduction of pigmentation or going grey, and the depth of colour in our eyes and lips, does come into play.

With your Hair colour – be sure to lighten as you age – if you were very dark originally and now are going grey but wish to colour your hair do make sure you colour to a medium blonde to light brown. Winters and Summers can look stunning with Grey/White hair!   With Warms (Spring and Autumns) will look younger if they keep their hair in with warm tones rather than going grey.

Need guidance? – the best way to be certain is to visit your consultant and have your colours reassessed – but there is no reason to abandon your favorites.

If you do not have a consultant near you please visit our amazing Free Online Colour Analysis App to determine your own personal colours – assistance is just a Click away – and if you require further assistance just contact us – we are here to help you become a more Colour Confidant You!

Just click on the image below and it will take you to our “Discover your Colours” Page.

banner2-discover-your-colours large

What Is Colour Analysis ?

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What Is Colour Analysis ?

Introducing The Wonderful World Of Colour by Dezine®

Personal Colour Analysis

banner2-discover-your-colours large


Simply put, Colour Analysis is the art of analysing a person’s natural colour of Skin, Hair and Eyes and recommending the appropriate selection of colours that will harmonise with that persons personal colouring.

Colour Analysis started way back in the 60’s and like everything it has evolved, developed and become a specialised service.  Our Colour by Dezine® system is complimented by our proprietary computer technology which will identify your very best personal colours.

You can choose to have a personal consultation with one of our professionals, which consists of analysis with Hue Level and Seasonal drapes, followed by coordinate analysis to select your personal Skin, Hair and Eye Colour, in degrees of tone, Light, True, Vivid or Contrasting. With our unique, accurate Colour analysis system you are able to purchase your own personal palette of 40 wardrobe colours.  We are proud to supply our Palettes and products to over 20 countries round the world – if you would like more information just contact us  Here

Nothing to wear concept, young woman deciding what to put on3c586f3cb0c18deaa44596365572589c






Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

You too, can create a stunning Coordinated wardrobe of Colour!

We have over 15,000 possible palettes in our system, each palette is prepared by hand and is unique to you!

NO Preset seasonal palettes with Beauty for Youyour Colour by Dezine palette will be a great asset to you making the correct selection and you will find AT LAST  everything starts to coordinate!!

However, if you do not live close to one of our Professional consultants – and even if you live overseas – you too can receive the benefit of our amazing system.  I have created a FREE ONLINE Colour Analysis App – which mirrors the steps of a personal consultations – all you need to do is to upload a photo of yourself and follow the steps to Discover your Colours.  We have also a Step by Step Video to show you how the whole process works.  But it does not stop there!  –  Once you place an order for your Personal Palette – if you have not made the correct selection – I will upload your photo again – and enter into the Discover your Colours App and send you the correct analysis – or ask for further information ♥

It is just like you are sitting in my Beauty Room!

To experience your own analysisCLICK HERE

Colour is a NO COST ITEM and it gives you confidence to project your own personal style  we have over 15,000 possible palettes in our system – your colours are especially created for you!  Complete the picture with our Colour Coordinated Cosmetics when you Shop by SeasonHERE


What Will A Colour by Dezine® Colour Analysis

Do For You?

Right Colours – Above

Add a radiant Glow to your skin, hair and eyes

Make the whites of the eyes and teeth  look brighter

Smooth out small lines and wrinkles,

Disguise shadows under the eyes

Minimise any imperfections

Correct Colour Coordinated Makeup for your Season

When you wear your correct “Personal Colours” you look younger and more radiant


Wrong Colours – Above

Darken and dull the complexion

Whites of eyes, teeth and skin yellow

Emphasises shadows under the eyes

Accentuates blemishes, redness and imperfections

Incorrect selection of Foundation and Makeup for skin, hair and eyes

With the wrong colour you look tired and unhealthy

When you wear your incorrect colours you look tired and unhealthy

When you to shopping with your Colour by Dezine® colour palette – you have the confidence of making the correct choice – not relying on someone who does not understand the importance of Correct Colours  – put the power in your hands!

NO Dress, Hairstyle or Makeup can achieve the radiance that is created by your own Colour by Dezine® Personal Colours

We are the leaders in Colour

Let us assist you in creating a stunning colour coordinated wardrobe that you can mix and match, save you heaps of money, and know you are going to look stunning in everything you wear by making the most of your individual colouring.  The finishing touch is your cosmetics – no more standing at the cosmetics counter wondering what suits you – we have done all the hard work for you- just Shop by Season with our Colour by Dezine® Colour Co-ordinated cosmetics.

Looking good has never been so easy


NOW it is YOUR TURNJust go HERE UPLOAD A VERTICAL PHOTO OF YOURSELF SHOWING YOUR FACE AND HAIR – and follow the steps and have some fun Discovering your own Personal Colours!

I look forward to seeing your beautiful face in our Colour Circle!!

Kind Regards,

Fran – Beauty for You



How Feng Shui Colors Can Benefit Us

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How Feng Shui Colors Can Benefit Us

Feng Shui And Colour Psychology – Discovering The Meanings Of Colours



Everyone appreciates the benefits of beautiful, comfortable living environments;  However, Feng Shui takes the approach that your surroundings affect not just your level of material comfort but also your physical and mental health, your relationships, and your worldly success.

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) examines how the placement of things and objects within it affect the energy flow in your living environment, and how these objects interact with and influence your personal energy flow. Your personal energy flow affects how you think and act, which in turn affects how well you perform and succeed in your personal and professional life. Feng Shui affects you every moment of the day — whether you’re aware of it or not.

As you begin to discover more about Feng Shui, remember that you need to have an open mind and should use the methods that are most comfortable for your particular circumstances.

If you don’t know much about Feng Shui – learning about the Colours in Feng Shui is a good place to start.Screen-Shot-2012-03-27-at-4.44.48-PM-300x271

Colour is used as the basis for many theories and Feng Shui, colours affect the energy of rooms, your habitat and your clothes.  Colours are one of the most essential and significant features of Feng Shui.




RED – Fame – Reputation – Red Fire – it is no surprise that in the colours of Feng Shui, Red is one of the most important colours – it is a symbol of joy, fun and happiness, the colour of the active action!  Red has a fairly strong influence on the human body – as the spiritual and the physical realm.

Red is intense, represents the element of fire and is considered lucky.  It is bold and daring. It should be avoided by people who are anxious or overactive and is certainly not a good colour in the bedroom for insomniacs.  RED – a symbol of passion, the personification of courage, power, beauty and brightness. Red is the ideal colour if you wish to draw attention, but avoid red if you are nervous or self conscious – just add a little as an accessory – don’t overdo it. When wearing red – make sure it is “Your Personal Red” from your Colour by Dezine® Personal Colour Palette.


PINK – Marriage – Love – Relationships – Pink Earth  The colour of sensitivity, of renovation, renewal.  In the perception of some people, the colour Pink becomes a negative, sickly sweet.  In Feng Shui pink is the colour of little girls, symbolizing their future tenderness and femininity, the ability to love.  Pink has the ability to neutralize or completely inhabit aggression.  Pink is the colour of Romance and fun.  Wear Pink if you want to resolve a situation with a loved one, because it is soothing and helps dissolve feelings of anger.


WHITE – Children – Creativity – White – Metal – White is universal and is good for almost all people in varying degrees – pure white and Winter white for Winter Season ladies – Winter white for Summers,  Cream for Springs, and more yellow cream for Autumn,  White colour does not cause rejection.  In many cultures white is a symbol of goodness, justice, purity, perfection and peace.


GREY –  Helpful – People Travel – Silver/Grey Heaven – The colour of prudence, practicality, and mistrust.  In principal, it is a neutral colour and shall not be a big symbolic load.  This is – the colour of people who prefer not to stand out from the crowd,  not assert itself too loudly, always staying in the shade.  When wearing Grey – make sure you dress it up with one of your best colours.





BLACK –  Career – Life Path – Black Water – Conveys authority and power, and promotes a sense of depth and strength wear Black if you need to command leadership or exude mystery.  Black makes you stand apart from the crowd, so avoid wearing it when you need to be seen as an equal.  Black is only flattering on a Winter season.




BLUE –  Knowledge – Wisdom – Blue Mountain – Has the ability to balance, and calm the raging emotions.   This colour acts as a cold shower, sobering and makes focus.  Shades of blue cannot be called playful.  They set up a working mood.  This is why the blues are preferable to those premises that are intended for official meetings or serious work. Blue is the most popular colour – so be sure to wear your Personal Blue from your Palette to achieve the best results.





GREEN – Family – Green – Wood – Symbolizes nature and life itself.  It is usually preferred by people who are not inclined to others’ influence, they are proud and ambitious.  Green may be a symbol of healing.  According to the theory of Feng Shui, green is the symbol of peace, cooperation and numerous progeny.   Green has a calming effect on the person, recovers mental and physical balance, increasing self confidence and abilities.  Be sure to use the correct tone of green from your Colour by Dezine® Personal Palette.




PURPLE –  Wealth-  Prosperity – Purple – Wind –  With the most ancient times it was considered a symbol of power, authority and power. Despite the fact that the purple colour has a lot to do with red, their impact is different.  Purple is associated with royalty and luxury.  Wear purple clothes or accessories when you are in the midst of transition, want to attract new opportunities, or in a spiritual setting.



5ee0a07d38239c4eb185dfe9006b263e6fa6a5e2e6b98a482e0da44de700822eYELLOW – Health – Yellow Earth   The colour of the sun, it corresponds to the notions of a positive start and a good mood.  Yellow is also the symbol of peach.  In the system of Feng Shui yellow is a symbol of happiness, joy and inner harmony.  The yellow colour is associate with mental activity and is essential for the implementation of the thought process and success in intellectual fields.  In addition, has the ability to inspire optimism in people and good spirits.    Be sure to choose the correct shade of  Yellow from your Colour by Dezine® Personal Palette



Visit our FREE ONLINE Colour Analysis App and Discover your own Personal Colours  – Just click on the image above and have some fun♥



Owning A Pet Can Improve Your Health

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Owning A Pet Can Improve Your Health

Bella 1Cindy 2 Oct 2014










I can certainly attest to this I have two lovely fur babies – Bichon Frise puppies both females, a mother and daughter.  Bella (left) the mother had 6 puppies and Cindy (Right) was the pick of the litter …. the one with the most spunk who jumped out of the pen first!  Who could resit these two beautiful puppies, so gentle in nature, well trained, do not bark unless you knock hard on the front door!  Use the bell and there is no problem.  Do not shed fur, they have wool, not fur.  They make you go for regular walks, love unconditionally and require lots of cuddles… which is extremely calming to you.  By the way, I strongly recommend you have two pets they are great company for each other – our two are always cuddled up together – check out below for more added benefits.


How Colour Affects Our How Lives

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How Colour Affects Our How Lives

Welcome To The Wonderful World of Colour

You probably know that colour is the first thing we meet someone for the first time. But did you realise that we also make virtually instant judgments about a person’s status from the colours they are wearing. For instance, in medieval times, the lower classes weren’t allowed to wear the colours of the upper classes, or they were fined, sometimes up to a half year’s wages! The lower class had to wear the colours of the earth – brown and green tones, that came from dyeing cloth with things that were immediately to hand and were cheap – grass, soil even dung!

The most expensive dyes were brand-new colours at the time, particularly purple and red. These colours were kept for royalty and the bigwigs in the church. Just at one glance and everyone will know instantly they are in the presence of massively powerful individual.

This instant recognition of status still happens today – every single one of us makes judgments about other people based on what they’re wearing – how they present themselves.

What We Wear and Why – Is Totally Fascinating

Have you ever wondered why Colour is so important? Image a world without colour – colour impacts our personal and business lives – colour enriches our lives -Why? Colour is light reflected, without light there will be no colour. Colour communicates subconsciously. Do we sometimes take this powerful tool for granted?

Colour is a powerful tool; it is in our food, clothing and environment and is used constantly in advertising. The Psychology of Colour can really assist you in many ways – Colour can help you in communication with others – you have a powerful asst to use consciously.

Colour and Style is everything! How you present yourself is a very important part of who you are. Your first impression is vital to you and how you communicate with others. When you move into a room of strangers, they are judging you as much as you are judging them. Before you have even spoken a word to them, haven’t you reached a certain conclusions about them? How you use colour, tone and intensity personally and in your business? There are no good or bad colours – colours can be used positively or negatively. The Psychology of colour is a universal language.


RED: High impact colour. Good for lecturing and selling – must be your right RED – Stimulates the appetite – Makes food more aromatic – Cherry Red – Sophisticated, Authority, Power, Energy

ORANGE: Yellow red – Warmth – stimulating – friendly – Career colour – Draws attention quickly – saying this product is for everyone.

PURPLE: Mystery – formality – quietness – Artistic people are drawn to purple.

PURPLE BLUE: Tranquility – Spiritual – Reflective – Dignified

BLUE: Peace – Loyalty – restraint – gentleness – serenity – Good Communication colour – Opens up line of communication – The brain secretes tranquility hormones when blue is present.

BLUE / GREEN: Fresh colour of nature – Relaxed and friendly – Colour of balance and healing.

GREEN: Natures colour – people usually feel safe around green – plants.

YELLOW GREEN: Intense – cheerful – energetic – sporty – youthful and spontaneous

YELLOW: Eye catching – MUST BE YOUR RIGHT YELLOW Stimulating – intellectual – happiness – lightest colour in the spectrum – Selling a house – yellow

GREY: Conservative – dignified – classic corporate colour

NAVY: Conservative – authoritative – business like – most acceptable corporate colour.

WHITE: Trustworthy – goodness and purity

BROWN: Earthy – natural and warm

BLACK: Authoritative – mysterious – sophisticated – Black cuts down communication – so please add colour♥

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Video Turn Your Natural Look to Night Glamour

Fran Muntz

Fran's Beauty Blog Posted by on 4:31 am in Makeup Tips and Tricks | 0 comments

Video Turn Your Natural Look to Night Glamour

Step by Step how to turn your Natural Day Look into Night Time Glamour.

Next step for you – Bonita shows you how to take your Natural daytime look and just add more depth and colour to instantly turn your look from Day to Night.  This Step by Step Tutorial will have you rocking a Glamour look in no time!  So go ahead and have a play you will love the effect!   Be sure to leave us a comment.

Created with Colour by Dezine Cosmetics.  Products used to update: Day to night: Brow Definer Dark Brown, Eye Brow Pencil: Dark Brown, Eye shadow: Base: Crush on You, Colour: Chocolate Kisses, Highlight eyes: Irave Champane, Mascara: Black, Blush Cedarwood -plus Blush Bouquet – Rose Petal, Lips: Berry Pretty lipliner, Lipstick: Berrylicious
All products available from




Video Presenting a Candy Doll Look

Fran Muntz

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Video Presenting a Candy Doll Look

In this Video Bonita takes you step by step through how to create a Candy Doll Look – You will Love this very pretty look – easy to follow along using our Colour by Dezine Cosmetics – Enjoy! and be sure to leave us a


Colour by Dezine Makeover By Bonita – Candy Doll
Products used: Colour by Dezine Cosmetic: Foundation: Hi Def N4, Concealer: PC2, Translucent Loose: Powder Light Beige,Mineral Foundation: PN3, Brows: Brown Brow Definer, Eye Shadows: Irave Loose mineral Pigments: Polar Bear, Raszzberry, EyeShadow: Witchcraft, Contour: Cedarwood, Blush: Tea Rose, Liquid eyeliner: Black, Black Mascara, Lipliner: Pink: Pink Lady, Lipstick: Honolulu Pink, LipSeal: To Seal and Smudgeproof.  Products available from


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